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Air duct cleaning service is recommended to be done at lease once a year in order to keep it in a good condition and to protect your health. If you did not clean your air ducts in the past year it means it has been collection dust and other dirt ever since you had it cleaned for the last time. There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and your family healthy at all times, air duct cleaning is one way of the ways to do so.

Our technicians are very friendly and well trained, each one of them is an expert in the field. Let us do the dirty job for you and improve the air quality.

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Professional air duct cleaning services

Improve the air quality at your home.

Prevent breathing problems and allergies

Another service we are proud to provide

Once a year, make an appointment  to clean your dryer vent. By keeping your dryer vents clean you eliminate fire hazards, reduce drying time, increase the life of your dryer machine, and save money on your electricity bill.

24/7 Emergency services are available

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“ My carpets were horrendous for the longest time and when i finally had the time to make an appointment i was happier than ever. the technicians were extremely professional, they worked very fast, and efficiently. Also the pricing was very reasonable, and affordable. I really recommend their services!”

G. Howell. South Houston, TX

“Dear AURA Air Duct Cleaning, I want to thank you for the exellent work you did in my house cleaning my air ducts. I feel that the job is well worth the price I paid. It was done professionally and efficiently thorough.

Service was Excellent . The  technicians took the time to finish the job even though it was Late in the evening. They did more than I have expected and I am so thankful.”

J. Greenberg. Houston, TX

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