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Welcome to Aura Air Duct Cleaning

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Aura Air Duct Cleaning is proudly offering professional, reliable and affordable air duct cleaning service. Having an A/C duct system is not only enjoying the perfect temperature you like, it's also extremely important that you keep these ducts clean, unclogged, and free from dust, dirt and other debris. Air duct cleaning on a yearly basis will help your a/c system run smoother, more efficiently, and extend its lifetime. It is always a suitable time for air duct cleaning, especially when you are headed into a season that requires a heavy usage of the air duct system, schedule your next appointment with Aura Air Duct Cleaning today (832) 403-3043.

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Contact Aura Air Duct Cleaning Today

Schedule your next appointment today (832) 403-3043

Air duct cleaning service is recommended to be done at lease once a year in order to keep it in a good condition and to protect your health. In case you did not clean your air ducts in the past year it means it has been collecting dust and other dirt ever since you had it cleaned for the last time. There is nothing more import than keeping yourself and your family healthy at all times, air duct cleaning is one way of the ways to do so. 

As a house proprietor considered one of your first needs could be to be sure that your home is the most secure, cleanest and most comfortable spot on your complete friends and family. You need to be sure that your family is breath clean air continually and this is the most vital goal why you need to procure the offerings of likely the most secure and best air conduit cleaners to your zone. For the greater part of your purging capacities, accept just the amount one name inside the business and that is none rather than Air Duct purifying Houston.

             or Call 24/7

  (832) 403-3043

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24/7 Emergency

We work hard and we work around the clock, in case you need an urgent air duct cleaning quote or a professional opinion we will respond at any time. We are always here for you, day and night, just a call away (832) 403-3043.

Online Booking

We made the whole process of scheduling an appointment a much more easier one. Now your next appointment with us is just a click away. Simply click here, and choose the right time for you.


We aim for the best. We make sure we have the top of the line equipment, top quality materials, and hire the best technicians. You can trust our company, we go above and beyond for each one of our customers.


I am very impressed with Gabriel and his team, they were very professional with their job, he taught me what am suppose to know about my vent and how to take care of it. They did an amazing job, will call them again for next time and I will recommend this company to my friends.

- Andrea I.

We appreciate Gabriel's job and all the cleaning that they did in our house. We had a bad problem with pet stains and bad smells in our carpet and the air duct but thanks to Aura air duct cleaning our house smell fresh and clean again.

- Dr. Timothy R.

We had a great experience with the crew that came out to service our home today. They were kind, professional and very detailed in the process that they were using to clean the system. Gabriel lead the team with great customer service and we are excited to do business with him in the future. Overall, we had a great experience today.

- Nathan W.

Attic Insulation

Air Duct Replacement

Allergies & Breathing Problems


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