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Mold Remediation

Mold remediation and mold removal requires maximum attention and of course, a professional is needed to treat it correctly. Mold remediation keeps the spread of mold by isolating molded zones, evacuating influenced areas and killing moisture sources. We are the experts in all regarding mold remediation and mold removal.

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Mold Remediation Services

Mold can appear in many different places at your home such as walls, ceiling, bathroom, air ducts and more. In most cases mold grows where there in moisture. Overall mold growing in properties in Texas is very common because of the weather. But, even though it is so common, it is needed to be treated and removed as soon as noticed. Mold can cause many different health and breathing problems, allergies, and can harm the persons who are breathing it on a regular basis. Mold growing is a serious issue that can harm extremely, this is the exact reason we take our responsibility in mold remediation and mold removal very seriously and professionally.

We are here for you 24/7. Once you give us a call and schedule n appointment at your earliest convenience, you can forget about all the worries because will will take it from here. We will arrive at your property and inspect everything carefully before storing any type of job. Once we figure out where the mold grows, why, how bad it is and what type of mold remediation and mold removal needs to be done, we will explain you every detail and only than, once you give us the okay, we will start the job. Contact us for mold remediation services and mold removal and cleanup – (832) 403-3043.

Removing Mold on Walls

In case you noticed mold signs on the walls in your home it is important not to avoid it. It is not a complicated process if you take care of it on time. Using a home mold cleaning products might help with the surface, but inmost cases it won’t kill or remove mold completely. Calling a professional would be the best solution. In this case we are here for you 24/7 – (832) 403-4043.
However, in a case when the wall is porous, we will need to cut away the wall where the mold is growing and to replace it with new part. Usually that happens when the mold is growing inside the wall material and not just on the surface, which cannot be removed completely with a cleaning.

Mold on Drywall Walls

Drywalls is one of the materials that are most common to have mold growing inside it. In most cases there is no partial way to completely remove all mold growing in drywalls by cleaning it only, the best and most guaranteed solution is removing this wall and replacing it with a new one.

Mold Growing Behind Walls

It is common for mold to grow out of sight, behind walls in the the wall spaces. The reason being is that this spaces usually contain moist air – pockets of humid air. In other cases mold can also grow behind wallpaper, and the reason for that is that the glue used for these wallpapers is a food source for mold growth.

In case the mold growth is hidden, you might be able to notice it by the moldy smell or by a discoloration of the wall or wallpaper. If you suspect a hidden mold growth and unable to notice it anywhere the best solution is to call a professional to perform a mold testing and mold inspection and investigate any signs of mold growth.

Signs of Mold Growth on Walls

If you notice some cracks in a wall, peeling paint, discoloration or bulging, it is best to call a mold professionals right away since these are all signs of mold growth. In case you want to make sure you can take a closer look on these signs and in most cases you will notice a small amount of mold growth.

These signs can indicate that hidden mold growth is happening inside or behind the wall, in the wall cavity. Seeing small signs or small amount of mold can sometimes indicate of a large amount of mold growing inside the other side and will slowly grow through.

Another sign is moldy odor that comes for a specific place at your home.  Also, in case you or one of your family members are suffering from allergies inside your home, or any breathing problems that appear suddenly these might be clear signs that mold growth is somewhere  at your home and needs to be tested and inspected..

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