Water Damage and Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Whether it's an exploded pipe or a result of heavy rain, we are here to take care of that water damage. We want to give you a feeling as if the water damage was never there. We will do everything from top to bottom, starting from water extraction, flood cleanup and going all the way to restoring your home.

Flood Cleanup

Flooded home is a very unpleasant situation, it might ruin some furniture and belongings and also the walls, floors and other parts of your home. Floods have to be cleaned, and dried - the sooner the better. We have all the equipment and all the man power needed to do a flood cleanup as soon as possible.

Flood Drying and Repairs

After a water damage or flood occurs at your home, cleaning the water and the residues would be the first step. But, the second step is not less important at all, drying and repairing the damages is necessary. It is very un-recommended to leave moist throughout the home, in the walls and floors especially since mold van start growing.

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24-Hour Emergency Water Damage  Restoration and Cleanup

Water damage is usually as unpleasant as it is unexpected. We know you cannot plan ahead a disaster like water damage at your home, this is why we are here for you 24/7. Our emergency water damage and restoration services were created exactly for these unfortunate situations.

Water damage can occur in minutes, every second counts and every detail matters. Than's why you can contact our professional Aura water damage and restoration services services any time. Our certified and trained technicians are always on standby to help our next customer.

Call our emergency line at 1-800-229-8895 to schedule your appointment as soon as needed. As soon as you need us we will send you one of our teams as quietly as possible. We guarantee our work and the quality of our work and promise to do the best job possible. We also work with insurances, meaning you can use our services and than use your insurance for the expenses.

Water Damage and Restoration:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood cleanup
  • Flood drying
  • Water damage repairs
  • Construction
  • Sheetrock removal
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Water extraction

Water Damage and Restoration

Call Aura water damage restoration: 

Houston (832) 403-3043, Dallas-Fort Worth (469) 619-6219  Austin (512) 686-5860

In case of a water damage, we know how it is just a matter of time for the damage to get worse. Whether it is a leak or a large flood damage, you can expect our team to be there within an hour max. Our professional and experienced teams are always ready and on standby. We know that water damage cam increase rapidly if it is not treated correctly and on time. We have a team of project managers that will inspect the situation very carefully and will provide you with the fastest and the best solution. We struggle to perform the work without any disruption to you and your family. Usually, at a water damage situation, the water extraction crew will first extract all the water and star with the cleanup and drying process.

Aura Water damage and restoration is here to work as quietly an efficient as possible to avoid any extra damages that might occur from waiting too long. Our professional water damage crews understand the value each one has to his own home and belongings, and we will do all the efforts to save anything possible.

 In some cases, water damage might be covered by your insurance, and we have some good news, we do work with insurances. We can speak with your adjuster and assist you with the claim making sure nothing is left behind. We realize you might had a big loss, and we will work carefully with you to make you feel comfortable as possible.

Aura Water Damage and Restoration is your #1 choice at the time of a crispest such as flood or water damage. We believe we owe the most to you and your home, and we will work in correspondence. Call us today for a free quote. 

Houston (832) 403-3043, Dallas-Fort Worth (469) 619-6219  Austin (512) 686-5860.

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