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    We provide the best Houston air duct cleaning, at affordable prices. Our cleaning technicians are professional duct cleaning and repair service experts. We will fully inspect your HVAC system, making sure you can enjoy fresh, clean air in your Houston home. We’ll look for mold, mildew, insulation problems, inefficient air conditioner units, and more.

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    Here at Aura Air Duct Cleaning Houston, our main goal is our customers satisfaction. We proudly guarantee our services and you can trust we will be here when you need us. We are confident in our promise to deliver the best services and customer care to our clients.

    Give us a call for affordable air duct cleaning and air conditioning repairs in Houston and surrounding areas. Aura’s Houston Air Duct Cleaning department is here to help – we are your trustworthy and local air duct cleaning company servicing all of the Greater Houston area.

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    All of our Houston air duct cleaning and other services are performed by our professional trained technicians who are there to serve you best.

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    Our cleaning professionals are equipped with the best tools, experience, and support to ensure every air duct cleaning appointment goes smoothly. We will fully clean your air ducts so that no dust or debris can ruin the airflow or the air quality itself.

    We are always diligent in our work, trusting our expertise and training to make sure the job is done perfectly even if we have to work for many hours. Simply put, our technicians do not rush through any air duct cleaning service, air duct replacement or air duct installation job. 

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    It is very important that customers can rely on over-the-phone price ranges, set pricing for services, and accurate estimates. We always make sure to provide accurate and set prices for our services so that there are no surprises during the appointment.

    Of course, there are certain things that can cause a price to change, such as mold, excessive dust, or other problems that were not discussed on the phone. We always make sure to discuss these issues as they are discovered. It is very important that homeowners can see the problems in their HVAC systems and agree to services at set prices.

    We will never surprise you with a higher cost at the end of the appointment because we always stick to our set prices.

    We will never perform work without your permission, so if we discover any additional work that we highly recommend, you can be sure that we will bring it to your attention it beforehand. You must avoid companies that randomly complete work that you did not know of or agree to.

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    Aura provides free estimates for any Houston HVAC repairs, replacements and installations. We will fully inspect your unit(s) to see what condition they are in and if any services are required.


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    We follow the best standards for air duct cleaning to make sure that all ducts are fully cleaned properly and without damaging the HVAC system. NADCA, also known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, has a golden rule for consumers. NADCA’s rule of thumb for consumers is that “if your air ducts look dirty, they probably are,” and that dirty HVAC systems should be inspected by a reputable, certified HVAC professional. You can read more about the benefits of HVAC cleaning and understand why so many homeowners need a reputable company for the best Houston air duct cleaning.

    Fully remove dust and other debris from the inside of the air ducts

    Make sure ventilation is fully efficient

    Remove, clean, and prevent mold growth

    Enjoy fresh, clean air free of allergens, contaminants, and other substances

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    We work hard and we work around the clock, in case you need an urgent air duct cleaning quote or a professional opinion we will respond at any time. We are always here for you, day and night.

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    We aim for the best. We make sure we have the top of the line equipment, top quality materials, and hire the best technicians. You can trust our company, we go above and beyond for each one of our customers

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    Our company uses the best air duct equipment. Our technicians are certified with years of experience. We use air whipping systems which help to protect the inside of your air ducts. This system ensures that your insulation does not get damaged. Small tubes extend from a central extension tube that goes down the channels of your home air ducts. These smaller tubes push out air at high pressures to blow dust and other debris off of the inside of your air ducts. This is one of the best ways to clean air ducts because the air allows all dust and dirt to be collected without brushing the inside of the ducts. Of course, some air ducts can be safely brushed, and even delicate air ducts can be brushed with extra care to avoid damage. However, air whipping systems are not only safer, but also more efficient.

    Rotary brush systems use a spinning brush nozzle at the end of the vacuum tube to brush all dust and substances from the sides of the ducts. This force allows all materials inside of your air ducts to be dislodged and then vacuumed up. However, this is a problem if not done correctly, so it’s important that the air duct cleaning professional uses the correct techniques when using a brush air duct cleaning system. Our technicians are all trained to use both air whipping duct cleaning and air duct brushing equipment. We use the best equipment for each duct and are experienced to know exactly how to use each tool to avoid

    Aura air Duct Cleaning
    Aura air Duct Cleaning

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    Reasons to Clean Air Ducts in Houston

    There are so many reasons to schedule air duct cleaning for fresh, clean air in your home. Allergens in the air can affect your breathing, and toxic contaminants are obviously bad for your health. Dust builds up over time and soon enough, the air becomes very dusty and this can cause further respiratory problems. New home buyers or renters must be aware of several possible problems with moving in to a home with dirty air ducts.

    Past home owners having pets in the house can have lasting effects for people allergic to cats or dogs. Pet dander and fur build up in the ducts and are blown throughout the home. Even after months or longer of no pets, dander (pet’s tiny skin particles) can be slowly pushed through the ducts and into your household. Homes with dogs, cats, or other furry animals must clean their air ducts more frequently to avoid issues with dander and pet fur being continually circulated through the air. It is best to frequently brush your pet to assist with shedding outside of the home to avoid excessive skin flakes / dander from going into your home. Fur should be vacuumed and cleaned from the house as frequently as possible.

    Viruses, diseases, and other contaminants that can cause sicknesses require extra attention. If someone in your house is knowingly sick or has been recently, it is worth it to clean the air ducts properly. Using chemical disinfectant that is safe for the air duct material and safe for breathing is very important. We use the right solutions for air duct cleaning in Houston. You can trust our company to provide high quality services for all HVAC cleaning. We perform full inspections to ensure we know exactly what must be done to fully sanitize and disinfect home air ducts.

    Many homeowners need to improve the air conditioning efficiency because of high energy bills each month. This happens when an AC unit has to work harder and longer to cool the air. Any part of the home HVAC system can cause your system to work harder or be unable to cool your home. Air duct cleaning and full HVAC cleaning can help improve efficiency because the system can ventilate the air better.

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    Aura Air Duct Cleaning is proudly offering professional, reliable and affordable air duct cleaning service. Having an A/C duct system is not only enjoying the perfect temperature you like, it’s also extremely important that you keep these ducts clean, unclogged, and free from dust, dirt and other debris. Air duct cleaning on a yearly basis will help your a/c system run smoother, more efficiently, and extend its lifetime. It is always a suitable time for air duct cleaning, especially when you are headed into a season that requires a heavy usage of the air duct system, schedule your next appointment with Aura Air Duct Cleaning today (832) 403-3043

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    "I am very impressed with Gabriel and his team, they were very professional with their job, he taught me what am suppose to know about vent and how to take care of it. They did an amazing job, will call them again for next time."
    Timothy R.
    "We appreciate Gabriel’s job and all the cleaning that they did in our house. We had a bad problem with pet stains and bad smell in our carpet and the air duct but thanks Aura air duct cleaning our house smell fresh and clean again."
    Brittany Foxx
    "My house was flooded from hurricane Harvey, about 4 ft of water. Aura restoration were recommended to me by my neighbors and i called them. They arrived the same day and started the work very quickly."
    Ricky P.
    "They was highly professional and did a great job cleaning our ducts/vents! They were very clear up front about pricing & what was included in the service, and were very thorough doing the actual work. Thank you to the team at they! We would definitely use them again."
    Kristina Jones
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    Aura Air Duct Cleaning is proudly offering professional, reliable and affordable air duct cleaning service. Having an A/C duct system is not only enjoying the perfect temperature you like, it’s also extremely important that you keep these ducts clean, unclogged, and free from dust, dirt and other debris.

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    Air Duct Cleaning in Houston
    With Air Duсt Cleaning services, healthier hоmеѕ аrе mаdе possible bу maintaining сlеаn air vents from dirt and аіr from duѕt that саn block the coils and duсtѕ, preventing the free flow of fresh аіr соnѕumе mоrе energy bесаuѕе the system hаѕ to work harder than usual tо еnѕurе сlеаn air ѕuррlу. However, it іѕ important tо understand what drives the air cleaning еnсоmраѕѕеѕ tоwаrd hiring professional аіr duсt cleaning services. In the саѕе оf professional air duсt cleaning service, Aura аіr duсt cleaning professionals fосuѕ оn gооd quality and providing the best service еxреrіеnсе. Aura аіr duсt cleaning follows cleaning guidelines оf air ducts established by the Nаtіоnаl Association оf Aіr Duct Clеаnеrѕ (NADCA). Before leaving, the аіr duсt cleaning technicians аnѕwеr аll the questions уоu may have and ensure that уоu are satisfied with the work.
    Air Duct Cleaning Services
    Air decent and essential cleanliness in the workplace or at abiding is vital for a fortifying and profitable society. With each new occupation, our specialists make it their whole obligation to be sure that your air ducts are profound cleaned, now not coursing undesirable germs, dirt, duct, mold or mildew. In any building, whether private or modern, particles collect noticeable all around the air ducts. This may incorporate sawdust, plastic, chemicals, metals, paper, wooden, etc. This may make the cause a poor air circulation that consists dirty air, ducts, mold, mildew or other bacteria stipulations and have even been connected to allergies and other health and breathing issues. This development may moreover make the air ducts, without a doubt unmaintained and useful. I only one year, in a typical 3 bed room, 2 bathtub home, the air ducts can consolidate 30 to 40 kilos of dust, dander, dirt, pet hair, and diverse contaminants. At the point when the HVAC system is being run, these contaminants circulate throughout the hose at least 5 times a day. When the air ducts are not maintained properly, the results will be awful for your health and will also cost you more in the future. Most commercial buildings also use air ducts to maintain a good temperature at all times. Most often, we do not see them, do not even know they are there. If performed propel as a practical step in routine building maintenance, air duct cleaning help to ensure healthier and cleaner environment.
    Indoor air quality is one worry that property owners have when they choose to research air duct cleaning. In a run of the mill six-room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is made yearly through ordinary living. Your warming and cooling air duct system is the lungs of your home. The air ducts take air in and inhales as a circulated ruin just like the lungs. Through ordinary occupation in a home, we produce a lot of contaminants and air poisons, for example, dander, dust, and chemicals. These contaminants are maneuverer into the HVAC air ducts and re-circled 5 to 7 times each day, all things considered. After some time, this re-dissemination causes a development of contaminants in the ventilation work. While un-cleaned air ducts don’t inexorably mean undesirable air in your home, school or work environment, they might add to bigger wellbeing issues or breathing problems that could bring about significant issues for individuals with respiratory wellbeing conditions, immune system issue or some ecological allergies.
    As per the U.S. Bureau of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the vitality utilized for warming or cooling a house is squandered. Contaminants in the warming and cooling framework cause it to work harder and abbreviate the life of your framework. Despite the fact that channels are utilized, the air conditioning and heating system ducts still gets filthy through ordinary use. At the point when the air duct system is perfect, it doesn’t need to fill in as difficult to keep up the temperature you crave. Accordingly, less vitality is utilized, prompting enhanced cost-viability.
    Houston Air Duct Cleaning
    Air duct cleaning service is recommended to be done at lease once a year in order to keep it in a good condition and to protect your health. In case you did not clean your air ducts in the past year it means it has been collecting dust and other dirt ever since you had it cleaned for the last time. There is nothing more import than keeping yourself and your family healthy at all times, air duct cleaning is one way of the ways to do so. As a house proprietor considered one of your first needs could be to be sure that your home is the most secure, clean and most comfortable spot on your complete friends and family circle. You need to be sure that your family and you are breathing clean air continually and this is the most vital goal why you need to procure the offerings of likely the most secure and best air vent cleaners to your zone. For the greater part of your purging capacities, accept just the amount one name inside the business and that is none rather than Aura Air Duct Cleaning Houston.

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