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Air Conditioning Inspections in Dallas

Air Conditioning
Services In Dallas

Our air conditioning services in Dallas can assure any customer complete satisfaction. With our highly trained staff and proper cleaning tools, we can guarantee to provide you with the most effective air conditioning services. From cleaning and general maintenance to full blown repairs or HVAC replacements, we can take care of your needs. We work with both homeowners and commercial property owners or managers to make sure everyone has access to the best A/C repair, cleaning, and maintenance service company around. Dallas home air solutions and commercial AC are both very important to us.

Licensed, certified, and experienced air conditioning professionals
Following the ethical guidelines of NADCA and the highest standards of both Texas and the country as a whole for all HVAC services
Operating as an ethical business with honest and transparent service technicians

Air Conditioning Inspections
In Dallas

At Aura, we know it is so important to make sure your A/C unit is fully inspected. Any home or commercial building owner needs to be aware of any issues. Our friendly, certified staff will be able to fully inspect any A/C unit for needed repairs or upgrades. Our professionals will be able to detect any problems, as well as recommend the best solutions. Aura offers free inspections with any cleaning or maintenance services we offer to provide, and ensure that you have the best quality care available.

Air Conditioner

Aura air conditioning experts are all capable of fully servicing your air conditioning unit and diagnosing any issue. We will make sure you are up to speed with the condition of your commercial or home AC. We will provide you with the best options to ensure your air conditioning unit and related components can stay in the best shape possible for the coming years.

General servicing may include…

service your air conditioning unit and components
check for issues such as mold, needed repairs, or required cleaning
make sure everything is connected properly and working as expected
make sure everything is connected properly and working as expected
tweak settings or mechanics, apply oil or lubricant, repair wiring, fix connections, repair misaligned or improperly installed components, etc
clean the air ducts and other air conditioner parts and ventilation

Full Air Conditioning

If you require a full HVAC cleaning, it is likely that you are experiencing issues with air flow, air conditioning efficiency, or contamination issues in your home. We can clean the full system, including the unit, blowers, connection boxes, air ducts, vent covers, and any other part of your HVAC system.

Air Conditioning Service
Dallas, TX

It is extremely important to keep any commercial or home air ducts clean and safe. Air ducts tend to build up residue within them, which then filters throughout the air we breathe. Here at Aura, we make sure any and all ducts are cleaned thoroughly. Using the best tools available, we are able to locate and remove any potential contaminants or bothersome substances in the ducts – mold, dust, dirt, dander, and other harmful debris. This is important because if not taken care of, this could lead to health problems and unsanitary breathing air.

We use the best equipment for air duct cleaning in Dallas. With air whipping systems to blow air in every direction to dislodge any substance in the air ducts, you can be sure your home ventilation or commercial ducts will be completely clean. Even with rotary brush systems, every piece of dust or contaminant in your air duct can be dislodged and vacuumed.

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