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Our company Aura provides the best air conditioning services for residents of Miami. We can handle your air conditioner repairs for your connection box, blower, air ducts, or any other parts of your home HVAC. We will make sure to advise you of the best possible options for AC cleaning or replacements, as well as possible upgrades that we would be happy to install for you.

A/C Repair

We can repair your air conditioner unit, coils, connection box, blower and motor assembly, air ducts, or any other component of your home air conditioning, heating, or ventilation. We can replace the smallest or largest parts, so there’s no problems even with seriously old or broken equipment. We’ll make sure you receive a full estimate based on the inspections we perform during your initial appointment. If possible, we can complete all of the repairs during your appointment, or for more serious work we can return the same day or next.

Air Conditioner Removal

Removing your AC unit is no problem for our licensed HVAC company. We have room in the van and can definitely remove the broken air conditioner from your property. This will be safely disposed so there’s nothing to worry about.

Air Conditioner

If you are removing your air conditioning unit or other parts, you may want to consider having one of our HVAC professionals show you all of your available options for AC replacement. We can fully replace the air conditioner unit, ventilation and ducts, or other machinery. There’s nothing we haven’t handled before!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services in Miami are super important to combat the humidity, heat, and fluctuations in weather. If you need reliable, quick, and affordable AC installation service then you have come to the right place. Give Aura a call and we’ll be sure to order your new air conditioner or meet you at your property at the time of its arrival in case you have ordered it. If you need, we can arrange to pick up an AC unit and bring it to your property for full installation.

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