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Your heating and cooling system is one of the most frequently used systems in your home. With the inconsistent Texas weather, we rely on our HVAC system heavily here in Fort Worth. If you’ve noticed your AC isn’t circulating the air as well as it used to, or if you have a specific vent that you can feel the air come out of at all, or if you’ve had any other concerns that your AC just isn’t working the way it should, it may be time to consider air duct replacement. Aura air duct replacement Fort Worth has experienced technicians that can replace any duct no matter the type or age of the system. Regardless of the shape, size or material your ducts are made of, Aura’s professionals can make sure that you get what is best for your system at the lowest possible cost. Call Aura today for a free estimate.

Your utility bill is highly affected by the efficiency of your AC. However, your air ducts are what allows your AC to push the air into the home, having the wrong ducts can cause your system to have to work harder to heat or cool your home. The efficiency of your HVAC system doesn’t matter if the air can’t be distributed through your air ducts and into your home. According to EnergyStar.Gov only about 80% of air pushed into a home’s air duct system makes it all the way though, the other 20% is lost in the ducts through poor connections, leaks, and even holes. The best way to increase your HVAC’s efficiency is to replace any broken or leaking air ducts, this not only helps your home, but your wallet as well.

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Homes today are equipped with a few different kinds of air ducts, we see the typical flexible ductwork that has become more popular, the older style fiberboard ducts, and occasionally metal ducts that are typically found in commercial buildings. The first step to assessing if you need your ducts replaced is to have them inspected and cleaned. We can clean all types of ducts despite their varying difficulty. If your system has mold, you may not need to replace your ducts, but can have mold remediation done. For more information on mold remediation check out our Mold Remediation Fort Worth page. If your ducts are damaged, repairs are futile and short lived, we commonly see damage due to age such as deterioration of the seals, joints and seams which tends to happen around the time your air ducts are about 10 years old. A large culprit of damaged ducts is storage in the attic, when you go up to store those Christmas lights that have been waiting to make it up there for a few months, it is possible to trip or drop a box on your air ducts, damaging them. Regardless of how the damage got there, or if your ducts are just old, Aura’s air duct replacement Fort Worth technicians are ready for your call.

No matter your budget, there are different options to replace your ducts. We can replace they whole air duct system, or we can replace one duct at a time. At Aura, our professional technicians can help you put together a replacement plan that is the most affordable within your budget and gets your system working the way it should. The main benefit to replacing the system as a whole is that it provides the opportunity to change the placement of the ducts allowing the best air flow and efficiency for your system. Some signs to look for if you’re considering replacing your air ducts are: dusty air or dust being recirculated into the rooms of your home, your AC has gradually become louder and is having to stay on longer, you just can’t get the temperature inside your home to be consistent, and if you haven’t had your ducts replaced in the last 10 years. For more information about air duct replacement, call Aura today for a free consultation and estimate from the best air duct replacement Fort Worth has around.

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