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Air Duct Replacement
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Replacing home air ducts and commercial ventilation, it is important to make sure the new installation will be efficient, fitted to your house or building, and designed by air duct professionals. Our company, Air Duct replacement Miami, helps businesses, homeowners, and landlords with air duct replacement projects both small and large. Sometimes a single duct or part of the ventilation needs so much repair or restoration that a replacement is cheaper and the best option. Our licensed HVAC company professionals can help you identify problems with your air ducts or air conditioner or heating. We’ll provide you with a completely free estimate to get your system up to speed with routine maintenance and servicing. Aura Air Duct Cleaning will make sure your air duct replacement vents are perfectly installed, secured properly, and ready to go.

Replace Air Ducts

The process of removing old air ducts and installing new air ducts is simple for your local, professional air duct and home ventilation repair and service company. We only work with the best technicians and HVAC professionals to ensure you can receive the best services possible. Here is how your first appointment for air duct replacement will go.

Fully assess the state of your home air ducts
Perform full inspections and consult with you about the desired outcome
Plan for efficient air ducts and A/C or heating ventilation
Choose the type of air ducts, take measurements
Provide free estimates for replacing all or some of your home air ducts
Schedule your air duct replacement appointment

It is extremely important to take care of mold in your Miami home or commercial business property because of the weather. Keep reading to learn more about how Miami’s humid conditions make it even more important for you to clean, remove, and prevent mold.

Miami Air Duct

Professional HVAC Company

Our Miami HVAC company has been providing air duct services for a long time. Air duct replacement and new installations are best left to professionals with the right experience, training, and equipment.


The work we do is backed up by insurance and protections to help homeowners, technicians, and our company recover from any sort of damage or accident. Even just a small error in removing and replacing an air duct or handling a duct with sharp edges can cause injury. It is vital that everyone uses the proper safety equipment and techniques for good air duct replacement. Although this is extremely rare, every reputable service company in Miami should have the proper insurance policies for their work.

Safety Standards

It is important to always maintain the safety of a home or business, and anyone inside or on the property during an air duct replacement job. When dealing with commercial air ducts or really any hard, metal duct it is necessary to wear a hard-hat. Air duct replacement jobs in general are quite different than any inspection or cleaning service. Any time there are large or long parts being removed and carried around, it’s vital that everyone remains aware of their surroundings.

Codes & Regulations

At Aura we always make sure that any home or commercial property is worked on within the constraints of any regulations or laws at a local, state, or federal level. We take great steps to ensure our safety and the integrity of your home or building’s structure throughout our work and after.

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