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Attic Insulation Services Baytown

With Texas weather as intense as it is, we worry about keeping our home cool when it’s hot outside. According to research conducted at the Berkeley National Laboratory 85% of a home’s temperature dissipates through the attics, and over 90% of homes are under insulated. This means that the most important area of a home to keep insulated for temperature control is your attic. Insulation is rated by how well it restricts heat, otherwise known as its R rating, and obviously, you want the best rated insulation for your needs. We find in older homes with original insulation, the R-value struggles to reach 11. However, due to the changes in insulation practices and products, newer homes are able to reach R-values of 38 or higher. Having the proper thickness and the correct insulation for your home’s requirements is the best way to keep a comfortable living temperature while increasing your home’s efficiency. Attempting DIY attic insulation may sound like a good idea but improperly installed installation can cause worse air flow issues not allowing the hot air to escape. For the best attic insulation Baytown has available, call Aura today for an appointment for a free estimate.

Spray In or Batting

Our technicians at Aura attic insulation Baytown are knowledgeable in different  insulation types and applications. The most common applications are Batting Insulation and Spray In Insulation. Batting insulation is flexible insulation material packaged in rolls cut to different sizes to fit between the commonly spaced joists in attics, to achieve the desired thickness and R-value, batting insulation can  be layered. We typically use batting insulation for attics with standard joist spacing or replacing attic insulation. Spray In insulation is loose fill insulation fibers which are sprayed into the attic to the desired density to get the best R-value. Spray In insulation is utilized in attics with irregular joist spacing, obstructions,  or topping off previously insulated attics.

Insulation Removal and Replacement 

When we go out to appointments to assess someone’s attic, we frequently get asked how to determine if it’s time to add or replace your insulation. Most types of insulation start to degrade after about 15 years, but some insulation doesn’t make it that long if you have other issues such as wet spots or mildew present in the attic meaning that there is the start to a mold issue. If you do notice a wet spot that hasn’t been able to grow mold yet, it is time to call Aura for professional attic insulation services to replace the wet insulation and correct the water source. For more information on our mold remediation service check out our mold remediation page. Additionally, if you’ve had your AC checked, but can’t get a hold of your heating and cooling system’s productivity, or you notice drafts in your home, it may be time to consider replacing your attic insulation. If you’re having to blast the AC in the summer, but it’s just not doing its job, call Aura today for your free consultation or check out our Air Conditioning page for more information.


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