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Attic Insulation comes with many benefits. If it is done the right way, it can drastically save energy consumption and reduce bills. Rather than investing in home insurance and Band-Aid solutions, get attic insulated by professionals. 

Attic Insulation Services

We are a team of individuals who are highly trained with all regarding attic insulation services. Aura Attic Insulation Houston is skilled to do the job correctly. Whether you are relocating to a new home or want to replace the existing one, we can do it all. 

No matter how beautiful a house is, in case it is not adequately insulated, it can be exceedingly disturbing to its residents. Weather is often harsh in many parts of the world. Sometimes, there is intense heat. This can penetrate directly from the roof inside the house. It makes the interior warm and uncomfortable when hot outside, and the opposite when cold inside. It may not be possible to use air conditions all the time. They cost higher than you think. So, you need a solution to keep the rooms cold or hot. The only sensible way is to obstruct heat flow. Attic insulation is the best option to avoid warm rays enter inside. 

In cold days, you do not have to shiver in the home. Having a heating system can cost high. In some cases it is not even feasible. So, you have to trap the warmth inside. To block its escape from the roof, get it to insulate properly. This will keep home warm and cozy. Enjoy coffee by the fireplace listening to favorite tunes or reading a best-selling novel in a quiet environment. It is your right to enjoy at home. 

We specialize in:

Whether you need a spray foam insulation, radiant barrier foil installation or fiberglass attic insulation, we offer them all. We are also dedicated to solar attic fans that harness solar energy, which are an excellent source of cutting down electricity bills. If you are looking for insulation removal services, we can also do that in a trouble-free manner. Sometimes, insulation gets damages, old and worn-out or improperly installed. It needs replacement and removal instantly. We can do this. To further elaborate our services, read the information given below:

Spray foam insulation

Two materials are used to produce spray foam. These are polyol resin and isocyanate. They react when combined. They can expand 30 times or more their liquid volume after they sprayed. It makes them useful in packing to form the shape of anything that wrapped. They give high heat insulation. They do not allow any air infiltration. Spray foam is ideal to use for attic insulation because it comes with many properties. These briefly mentioned here:

Heat transfer

Foam spray is thermal-resistant. It obstructs heat flow. There are various cell structures and densities with their specific qualities. If high-density foams used in the attic, they give better thermal resistance. It can easily block any form of heat conduction. It acts as a barrier for heat flow from a higher to lower temperature area. The plastics in it reduce heat transfer because of the unsecured bonds of molecules. The cells of spray foam filled with air. It also helps avoid radiant heat transfer. The warm surface emits heat energy in light form. Various materials absorb these. Foam insulation is opaque to heat radiation, it acts as solid materials so no heat enters the house. 

When it comes to convective heat transfer, foam spray insulation is highly efficient. Water and air cannot pass through. It completely seals the air like an airtight jar. So, the house or the building remains air-free. It blocks convective thermal transfer from inside to the outside in summers and vice versa in cold weather. The heat is unable to release through the gaps in the buildings without air movement from infiltration as a source of transport. 

Spray foam is of two types. These are light-density and medium density closed-cell insulation. Both have millions of tiny cells. 

Radiant barrier foil installation

Bright barrier foil made with a metal called aluminum. It commonly used in many things. It deflects heat that touches its surface. It can absorb heat by 3 percent. The remaining 97 percent heat deflects like the reflective insulation foil we have. Those materials conduct less heat that has low density. The heat that barrier absorbs is dissipating harmlessly before penetrating any area of the attic. The same technique applies to winters. The heat that radiator generates deflects back into the room. It is unable to escape from the house. So, it keeps the area warm. This is why inside temperature is constant, and it enables you to use less energy. 

Fiberglass attic insulation

Some homeowners prefer fiberglass. It comes in many designs and colors. It gives a nice dimension to a pure ordinary attic. So, choose it especially when you want to make it fancy. This material looks stunning. It adds to the beauty of a house. 

Batt fiberglass insulation

Batt insulation is efficient. Homeowners widely use it. It is affordable. This is ideal when you are adding a floor to the attic. Batt fiberglass insulation and blankets are the most common in the US. These are pre-cut, and you do not have to bother about them. Just get them and install all over. Fiberglass is the least expensive option to insulate the attic. It has a low installation cost as well. The insulation is flexible. It can be fitted nicely between rafters, joists blocks, and studs. They leave no gaps. It prevents the flow of air and thermal transfer. It is energy-efficient too. It can cut down the energy consumption used to keep the room warm and cooling by 50 percent. It is a silent way to keep the home warm or cold. Fiberglass made of sand and glass. 

Blown-in fiberglass insulation

This insulation is blown-in. Add it as a layer over existing attic insulation. Alternatively, it can be installed from the beginning when insulation adequately removed, plus, it is quick to install.

Attic insulation also cuts down energy bills. It adds comfort to your house. It also increases the market value of your home. It is the most wanted benefit one can think of. With spending only a small amount, you can improve your home value by thousands of dollars. The working technique of blown-in insulation is simple. It produces millions of tiny air pockets. These obstruct thermal transfer and stagger it. It keeps home cool during hot days and warm in low temperatures. You can save up to 17 % or even more on your annual electric bills. 

Insulation removal

Sometimes, insulation can get damaged or rough and needs instant dismissal which we can do it in a hassle-free way. We know how to take it out without hitting or breaking anything. We have special skills to do this job. Sometimes, you hire another company; they work well. However, as time moves on, you notice that the efficiency of the insulation is not up to the standards so, it might not function as well. This means you have to remove it and get a new one, we can intelligently do this at a meager price. 

Insulation replacement

Time to replace the old insulation? Consider Aura Attic Insulation Houston. We can take down the existing one and install the new as per your requirements. Although, it is not an easy task, it is hectic and quite a headache especially when there is no expert around. Rather than doing it on your own, you must hire a professional such as us. We carefully replace the old insulation with the new, better one. To improve efficiency, you need to replace the damaged or old insulation immediately. It is not right to delay it further because it will cause more damage and trouble as time passes by. Taking instant action will help you avoid many issues, you must get in touch with us as soon as there is a need for replacement. 

Unfortunately, in most homes, the attic suffers and it is poorly insulated. This causes heat loss and higher electricity consumption leading to hefty energy bills. Inadequate ventilation can cause mold accumulation and ice dams. Air leakage is another factor that can create trouble. 

How we work

Our way of work is different and more professional. When you contact us with your requirement, we work systematically. These are the main steps that we usually follow:

1. Details

It involves all the details about your attic. This mainly includes your location, size of the attic, your house, major issue, your specific requirement and so on. Then we move ahead. We discuss everything with our clients to know their needs. This helps us understand your taste and gives a better idea of what you are looking for. 


After getting all critical information and details, we visit the house and examine it. If you want to build it from scratch, we see the area. The inspection is an important process which is the basis of efficient working later on. It helps us devise the best strategy that brings desired results in the first attempt. We ensure that you have no complaints about quality, efficiency, and appearance of the attic. 

3. Installation

Then, we install the attic insulation in the best way. It requires special skills and tools. Sometimes, the irregular shapes and serrated loft can be a trouble. We know how to insulate them. No matter what kind of form your attic is, you can count on us. We will always make you happy, you will get what you expected. 

Why choose us

We are a reliable attic insulation services provider. With the experience of several years, we are master in this art. We can make any home turn into a comfortable place where you can enjoy with family. We fill our role with integrity and precision. You can always count on us. Whether it is a small house, medium-sized or a large one. We have no issue with installation, it will be perfect as you want. 


We work to meet the specific requirements of every client. If you have some preferences, we will consider them first. The purpose is to give you the best service, it is a one-time investment, so we do not want you to take the risk. 

Customer support

You will surely enjoy the warmth and care with which our customer service representatives attend you. When you contact them, they greet you cheerfully and keenly listen to your requirements. Even after the installation is done, we are ready to serve you. You can talk to them in case of any issue or complaints immediately, they are readily available. If you want only information, we will happily give it to you. We answer all of your queries in a way that satisfies your curiosity and clarifies any confusion that is hovering your mind. 

Your peace of mind is the top priority for us, we strive hard to bring to you the best ways to create best attics. 


Why waste your hard-earned money on attic insulation. We believe that affordability matters a lot when it comes to any household services. You cannot spend all your funds on one thing. You have to allocate budget to many other things as well. To avoid making it a hefty investment, we charge minimal rates. These are as low as possible, we never put any burden on your pocket. 


Rather than getting low-quality materials and facing issues often, try to obtain services from us. We have only high-quality materials that will last you for years. The attic is going to cover the entire house, it is essential to make it durable. This will help avoid frustration in the long run. 


Our attics are safe and secure. These are environment-friendly. You do not have to panic when you get services from us. The moment you make us a call, you leave everything upon us. We do entire work from A to Z. So, this is a hassle-free process for you. 


We make attics that are in harmony with your entire room decor. There are many shapes and styles to select from. These can be embellished further with spotlights, paint, sparkling items, chandeliers, and glass. The options are huge. All you need is a little creativity and thinking out of the box. 


Apart from beauty, attic insulation gives protection from scorching heat and bitter cold in Summer and Winter. This is a smart way to stay safe from harsh weather. Keep home warm, cold and cozy by having it installed by us. 

Quick service

We do not take many days to install attic insulation because your time is precious. We try to finish the work as soon as it can be, our processing is also fast. When you hire us, we begin right away without wasting any second. Delays are impossible with us, stop thinking about lazy contractors and low-quality companies, choose us to enjoy the many benefits. 


We decide to work at a time that suits you, we never cause any chaos and mess during our work. While our team of professionals in installing the insulation, we make sure you are not disturbed in any way. We do not ask for any favor from you, entire task is carried out by us because your comfort is essential. 

Perfect finish

It’s not all about insulating the attic and thinking that it is all over, no, we take care that all steps correctly followed. We give a nice finish to the attic to make sure it looks appealing to the eyes. We cover it in the right way to hide the foam and any other insulation material. In the end, you have a smooth attic that looks great. 

With so many benefits, you must try our services and enjoy your homestay  Call Us 24/7 (832) 403-3043

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