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Attic Insulation Spring

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Attic Insulation Services in Spring, TX

Here in Spring, the Texas weather can be rather volatile and we worry about how to keep our homes cool when it’s hot outside. Statistics show that 85% of a house’s temperature control is lost through the attics, and 90% of American homes are under-insulated. Ultimately showing that the most important place to insulate in your home is your attic. Insulation is rated by it’s restrictive heat flow, also known as an R rating. Older homes that have not added or replaced insulation are lucky to get an R-value of about 11. However, due to the advancement in insulation practices and products, newer homes have R-value around 38 or higher. Having the correct amount and the best kind of insulation for your needs is the best way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home while improving the efficiency of your home. Attempting to DIY your attic insulation can cause issues like poor air flow in the attic which is important to let  the hot air escape the home. For the best attic insulation Katy can offer, call Aura today for a free estimate.

Spray In or Batting

At Aura, our attic insulation Spring technicians have experience with a number of  insulation types and applications. The two most common applications are Spray In Insulation and Batting Insulation. Spray In insulation consists of loose fill insulation fibers that are blown into place to the depth and density to provide the best R rating for the home. This method is most commonly used for attics with irregular joist spacing, obstructions,  or topping off previously insulated attics. Loose fill insulation settles over time and can need reapplication to keep the desired insulation rating. On the other hand, batting insulation is flexible material that is packaged in rolls and sized to fit between the joists in the attics and can be layered to get the desired R rating. This method is most commonly used for attics with standard joist spacing, or for completely replacing attic insulation or insulating attics that have no insulation. Unlike spray in insulation, batting insulation expands over time and can become more effective at insulating before needing to be reinforced.

Insulation Removal and Replacement 

We commonly get asked when should I add more insulation, or replace my insulation? Insulation starts degrading after about 15 years, but some insulation doesn’t make it that long. If you have issues with your heating or cooling system, you notice drafts, or you notice moldy or wet insulation, it may be time to add or replace your insulation even if you haven’t gone a whole 15 years. For example, If you felt the need to get your AC checked but are still having to blast it in the summer to get a semi desirable temperature, it may be time to consider some new insulation. You can check out our HVAC services at https://auraairductcleaning.com/air-conditioning-spring . If you’ve noticed any wet spots or mildew smells in your attic when you went up to store things or do your spring cleaning, you’ll want to have this looked at as soon as possible. If you don’t already have mold growing, you’ll want to have the insulation replaced and the water source prevented. If you do have mold, check out our mold remediation services at https://auraairductcleaning.com/mold-remediation-spring . Call Aura today for a free estimate for the best attic insulation Spring  has to offer.

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