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The majority of a home’s temperature control is lost through the attic. Don’t let poor attic insulation be the reason you can’t keep your home a comfortable temperature, let the local experts at Aura Attic Insulation Tomball take care of all your insulation needs. If you need to have your attic insulation repaired, replaced, or fully installed look no further than Aura. Having insulation in your attic is imperative in being able to control the temperature within your home, and having protection from the outside weather. For any of your attic insulation needs give us a call today! We will provide you with our free inspection and estimate.

Importance of Tomball
Attic Insulation

During the warm months, we need to make sure that your air conditioning stays inside your home. During the cold months, we need to make sure your heat doesn’t escape your home. This is where insulation plays a huge role. It is imperative that your insulation is properly installed because just having insulation on the walls will do no good if there are gaps or missing pieces. The correct type of insulation must be used.

We commonly get asked “when should I replace or add attic insulation?” Most insulation products degrade after just 15 years. However, if you’ve noticed issues with your heating or cooling system, have drafts, or see moldy or wet insulation, it may be time to add or replace your insulation. If you aren’t happy with your AC’s capabilities, and have had your system checked out but are still not satisfied, it may be time to consider some new insulation. If you haven’t had your AC checked yet, you can see more on our Air Conditioning page. If you’ve noticed any wet spots or mildew smells in your attic while you were putting up Christmas decorations, you need to have this taken care of as soon as possible. If you can’t already see mold growing, you need to have the wet insulation replaced and the source of the water prevented. If you do have mold, check out our mold remediation services. Aura attic insulation Tomball can handle all of your insulation needs, call Aura today for your free estimate.

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If you need to repair or replace your attic insulation, then give us a call. If you do not have any attic insulation in your Tomball home, then you are in luck! We provide full repair, replacement, and installation services for all homeowners in the Greater Houston area. We’ll make sure your home is fully efficient and properly insulated. Heat rises, so during the colder months it will be helpful to have the proper insulation within your house. It will save you money! In the hot weather, you need to make sure that your air does not escape because it is important to stay comfortable and cool. Simply give us a call today to schedule your free consultation and estimate with one of our home remodeling and construction experts. We are committed to ensuring every Tomball home is properly insulated year-round!

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