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Clean Your Air Ducts before you Rent or Buy!

Ask about the air ducts, vents, and the rest of the HVAC system before you move in as a tenant or buy a property! So many customers have told us they did not know how important it is to clean air ducts. A landlord or home seller should make sure the home heating, ventilation, and […]
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Brush & Vacuum HVAC Cleaning For Only $375

Trust Aura to clean your air ducts, vent covers, and plenum space. We completely clean your ventilation using extension rods with spinning / rotary brushes and vacuums. If your house has dust or other substances inside the ducts or on the vents, you definitely should consider a full HVAC system cleaning. We provide professional air […]
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Is cigarette smoke bad for my air ducts?

Yes, smoking cigarettes inside can damage your air ducts! The nicotine/tar coats itself onto every surface, forming a film of sticky, orange goo. This can smell bad, become very hard to remove, and devalue your home. You definitely should avoid smoking cigarettes inside and be aware that your return vents will be sucking in smoke. […]
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What To Do When You Find Mold In Air Ducts

If you find mold in air ducts, you know it needs to be removed. Black mold can be deadly or at the very least, dangerous for your health. Other types of mold in air ducts still must be remediated. Aura Air Duct Cleaning can completely clean your home air ducts, remove mold, install UV lights, […]
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Home Chimney Sweeps and Repairs

Aura Air Duct Cleaning is here to clean out your chimney and ensure any flammable residue, creosote, and other debris is removed. We are a full service company with insured technicians and years of experience. We will make sure to dislodge any soot, dust, and other materials using the appropriate tools and equipment. Our workers […]
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Warning Signs for Dirty Air Ducts

It is extremely important to make sure that your air ducts are cleaned out properly so they are working efficiently and effectively. This will help you save money on your energy bill, and extend the quality of life for your HVAC system. There are certain signs to look out for that would indicate that it […]
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Moisture From Frozen Air Ducts

Burst pipes, water leaks, and freezing weather can damage air ducts. Insulation and other parts of your attic or HVAC system can get wet. This damage may cause you to need full replacement services. Our expert technicians can visit your house to give you a FREE estimate! We help with water damage, air duct cleaning, […]
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