Sanitizing treatments and anti-bacterial solutions for air ducts are perfect for keeping the air clean. Sometimes you need more than just a standard brush and vacuum air duct cleaning service. We offer affordable air duct sanitizing treatments so every home can be cleaned to the highest standards.

Sanitizing treatments for HVAC systems are very commonly used when there is mold or other bacteria. This is because while a brush cleaning can remove dust or physical substances, it won’t combat actual bacteria. We use the right chemicals for all types of air ducts. It is safe to use, breathe, and have in your air ducts and vents.

The cost of air duct sanitizing and anti-bacterial cleaning can vary depending on the cleanliness of the system and size. We base a lot of our base prices off the number of A/C units you have. Our starting cost for basic air duct sanitizing sprays is $499. We start each appointment with an inspection so that we know exactly what we are dealing with. You can rely on us to show clear improvements between the start and end of your home service.

Call Aura Air Duct Cleaning today for the best HVAC sanitizing services! Receive an over the phone quote or schedule your in-person inspection and quote. We’re here to serve YOU!

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