What you need to know about air duct cleaning

Many tenants do not speak up when the air conditioning and heating systems are dirty. This is especially true when a lease specifically says the landlord is not responsible for these systems, or the A/C is just a perk of the property. There may even be disagreements over who should pay for the air duct cleaning. Luckily it does not have to be expensive! For as little as just $87, an apartment can have all of the ducts cleaned. The main problem is when the tenant is sharing air ducts with another apartment or they are hooked up to the same air system. This can be an issue because the tenant should not have to cover the full cost of air duct cleaning for the whole property. Even if one apartment’s ducts and vent covers are cleaned, the actual A/C unit, blower fans, and central HVAC systems may still be dirty. That’s why it is important that any tenant asks their landlord for financial assistance with any of these Arrive In Style AZ services, or asks the landlord to schedule the air duct cleaning and pay for it themselves.

Aura Air Duct Cleaning is accustomed to helping landlords and tenants schedule air duct cleaning appointments. We can make sure the right person is invoiced so that no tenant or landlord ever feels financially liable for a service unless it’s agreed upon beforehand. We won’t come clean your apartment and charge you unless you have agreed with top slab leak repair companies and to pay, so don’t worry about your landlord trying to get out of paying afterwards. If your landlord agrees to pay upfront, the bill will be in his or her name.

Air duct cleaning is very important for making sure the whole property can have fresh clean air. Tenants do not deserve to have dust circulating the apartment 24/7 and turning off the air conditioning completely during a hot summer or even a cooler month can be a problem. We recommend scheduling the air duct cleaning and paying for it out of pocket so that your tenants can enjoy allergen-free air that is not dusty, contaminated, or experiencing other issues.

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