There are many unknown benefits of clean air ducts. Firstly, the big difference in indoor air quality. Clean air ducts have been shown to decrease health problems. Some of the health benefits are that it helps to decrease allergens like dirt, dust, pet dander, mold, smog, and dust mites. Exposure to large amounts of mold and mildew is very unhealthy. These allergens can make you and your family feel like you might be sick.

If you have noticed a moldy or musty odor in your home it could be coming from air ducts that have not been cleaned. Did you know everyday odors like food can contribute to smells in the home? Odors may get stuck in the ductwork and move throughout the home. Even when a window is opened or an air freshener is being used the smells do not go away.

Another benefit of clean air ducts is less chance of needing a repair when they are cleaned at least once a year. When the dirt and dust build up there is a higher chance of having an issue with your heating and cooling unit.

Having clean air ducts is a great way to save energy, the unit will consume less energy resulting in cheaper utility bills. In case there is an existing blockage in the air ducts, it can reduce your central air conditioner or furnace’s energy efficiency. The A/C is going to run harder when the air ducts aren’t cleaned.

It is recommended to have your air ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year. Over the years many particles can build up in the air ducts that can cause blockages in the cooling and heating system. Researches suggest that cleaning and properly maintaining components such as cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers may improve your system. Resulting in longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance costs. Having your air ducts cleaned can prevent any issues with the system.

Over time particles build up, and when they heat up they might ignite and cause a fire. When the unit is older, the risk for it to catch fire is higher. The air filter located in your A/C system, tend to trap and collect dirt and other contaminate present in your indoor air circulation. If the air ducts aren’t cleaned the air filters will get clogged faster than usual. You will need to clean or replace them more often.

Experts will check for various issues throughout the ductwork. They will inspect the ducts for leaks, rust gaps, and loose connections. Infestation in the air ducts is also common in cooler temperatures or brisk weather. Any midsize animal such as mice, squirrels, birds, bees, and more can climb under your home or into your attic and can cause damage to the ductwork. When the system is open the animal can enter and roam freely.

If there is a blockage in the air ducts you may notice little to no air flow. To check your duct system airflow you can put a piece of paper in front of the vent, all of the vents in your home should have the same amount of airflow.

To conclude, air duct cleaning regularly has many benefits. But mostly health and air quality benefits that upgrade your life quality. Our health is one thing most valuable and irreplaceable, something money cannot buy, but also something you can get closer to by knowing the benefits of Clean Air Ducts. But taking care of the air duct system and indoor air quality is, without a doubt, highly beneficial.

benefits of clean air ducts
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