Cleaning your air duct system is very important to the safe, efficient operation of your HVAC System. There are a lot of reasons you should be keeping your air ducts clean- it’s recommended to clean them every 3-5 years not to mention the health benefits to keeping your home’s air clean. But just what tools do we use to clean your ducts?

At our company, we use the best tools available. The best tools make use of vacuums, brushes, and vibration to loosen up and remove all contaminants from your ducts. This is followed up with a treatment of the inside of the ducts to repel future contaminants.

The most effective ways to clean are:

  • Power Vacuum or Air Sweep – The most meticulous method of cleaning, and the most expensive manner. Ideal for when the most careful methods is needed.
  • Point of Contact – This isn’t as thorough as the power vacuum method, but it is safer for ducts and vents. Not to mention, it is less expensive.
  • Removing the Source – The most common method, it is a mechanical process that loosens dirt and extracts it. This helps to remove everything in a safe manner.

Our experts will determine the best method for cleaning your ducts. Every situation is different, and the cleaner you keep your ducts, the cheaper it will be for the long run in terms of both required maintenance and efficiency of your HVAC system. Count on your local, friendly experts to get the job done right! Call Aura today!

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