Flexible air ducts are essentially spirals of wire covered in insulation, polymer, and coatings. They are very fragile compared to more traditional hard ductwork like galvanized steel. For this reason, normal equipment for cleaning hard ductwork is unsuitable for flexible ductwork. In fact, using this equipment will destroy the ductwork as it is not strong enough to withstand the cleaning process.

The safest equipment to use to clean flexible air ducts is an adjustable portable vacuum and some specialized attachments. This ensures that while your ducts are being cleaned, they will not get damaged due to equipment tearing them up. Tools for standard ducts include rotary brushes which will certainly damage your flexible ducts. The vacuum method involves blowing air in one end of the duct while the other side is attached to a vacuum that removes all of the dust and other contaminants.

Ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years. Over time, dust, vermin, and other contaminants build up and can cause breathing issues for you and your family. Clean air is essential and you can maintain clean air in your home by keeping your ducts cleaned. If your home has a strange odor, you sneeze a lot when you’re at home, or you’re seeing dust leave the vents when your system stops and starts, then your ducts definitely need to be cleaned.

If you just  bought a home, about to sell yours, or you just can’t remember the last time you had a duct cleaning, it’s time to call Aura today!

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