Dryer vent cleaning in Houston

Dirty dryer vents lead to slower drying times, problems with the ventilation, and can even cause a fire. In fact, up to 40% of home dryer fires started because the dryer vent was not cleaned. We offer affordable dryer vent cleaning so every home can benefit from a nice, clean dryer vent! Learn more about why dryer vents must be cleaned by a professional company each year.

Dryer vent fires are very dangerous and they can start suddenly with lint and flammable materials inside the ventilation. The hot air is pushed out of your dryer vent which is enough to light up small bits of materials stuck in the vent. When this happens, the vent can quickly suffer from fire getting out of control. With dryer vents going through many areas including a house’s walls, ceilings, attic, roof, or flooring it is very scary and dangerous. The dryer vent’s flames will burn up the house from the inside of the walls and other parts, causing wood and clothes to catch on fire too. A dryer vent fire is extremely dangerous, even more so than other common reasons a house may go up in flames.

If your ventilation is clogged up, your dryer machine may take longer to dry the clothes with air not being pushed out fast enough. This can cause you to have a higher electricity or energy bill each month because the dryer is taking longer. Dryer vent cleaning helps reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes. For more info visit https://www.sandiegodowntown.com/. This saves you money and energy, which is great for your wallet and wonderful for the planet.

We offer affordable dryer vent cleaning in many major cities and outer areas. Give us a call for the best cleaning for your dryer vent.

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