National Air Duct Cleaners Association

Cleaning dust in air ducts is important for making sure your home carpet, furniture, and belongings do not become coated in dust. Air duct cleaning is a great way to remove dust, contaminants, allergens, and even mold. Of course, depending on how dirty your air ducts are, the amount of duct cleaning that’s needed can change. A professional air duct cleaner can help you figure out the most affordable way to clean the ventilation. HVAC services are not always expensive, and even just routine cleaning for air ducts can go a long way to extending the life of your system. You deserve to enjoy fresh, clean air.

Air duct cleaning starts for under $100 for single AC unit homes with average or below average levels of dust and dirt in the ducts. Of course, the dirtier air ducts may cost more, but cleaning every air duct and vent cover in a home is not expensive. Aura Air Duct Cleaning has been helping homeowners across many great cities for a long time. We believe in making sure everyone has access to the best duct cleaning services, find more info at Our technicians provide accurate inspections, fair pricing, honest estimates, and the expertise you deserve to benefit from your new or improved cool air system. Air conditioning and the vents or ducts that the air travels through to cool your home should all be cleaned periodically. There’s no one better than Aura technicians for the job!

Vent cover cleaning is important when dust builds up in excess inside of the vents. This is a huge indicator that there are major dust problems inside of the ducts too. Whether you have light dust, heavy dust, or even other more serious ventilation problems, we are the company for you! Vent covers can be replaced or fully sanitized and disinfected so that you do not experience any issues. The vents easily become dirty on the back of them because all of the air is flowing through them. Do not make the mistake of assuming your ducts are clean just because you do not see dust coating up in the grilles of a vent cover.

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