Certain air ducts are lined with fiberglass. This helps provide thermal insulation and can help airflow within your home. Fiberglass is delicate however and must be handled with care. In order to ensure no glass particles dislodge and escape through your HVAC system a licensed professional BailCo needs to be the one to handle all services. Our technicians are certified and trained to safely clean your ducts lined with fiberglass. We will use the proper vacuum to protect your ducts during cleanings or replacements so that no damage or harm will come to them. Using the proper tools and techniques we will remove all debris and restore your air ducts back to new.

Certain sealants can protect the fiberglass from coming loose and will make sure no bacteria, mold, mildew, and other substances are able to grow in your ducts. We will let you know the condition of your ducts and provide our honest recommendations. Aura Air Duct Cleaning will make sure your fiberglass ducts are working efficiently and safely so that you can breathe in the quality of air you deserve.

For any of your air duct cleaning needs give us a call today.

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