If your home is experiencing bad humidity from the air ducts then there is likely an issue with your air conditioning unit or the overall HVAC system. Humidity becomes a problem when moisture is not removed from the air properly, which can happen very easily when the HVAC system is pushing cold air through the vents but the air outside is very hot. This is sometimes isolated to condensation outside of your home or in certain parts, but can also cause moisture to build up in any part of the air ducts. Insulation is important for making sure the ducts are not affected by moisture. This wetness causes mold and mildew and other problems in the air ducts and vents.

Attic Insulation

Air duct cleaning is needed when moisture has already taken its toll on the system, but it’s better to get ahead of any problem. Even a little bit of moisture can lead to bacteria and mold building up inside the ventilation. You do not need to wait until you see water droplets forming in the vents to take care of this issue. In fact, by then it may be too late. You should instead inspect your AC unit and the duct connections to look for condensation or looking for air leaks or other missing areas of the HVAC insulation. Attic insulation is very important for avoiding these problems. Attic insulation prevents outside hot air from entering the house and affecting your home cool air system. Similarly, cool air cannot escape the attic, so this efficiency saves you money on your monthly energy bill by making sure your AC unit does not need to work harder. Of course, preventing the hot and cool air from mixing also helps you avoid condensation from causing your air ducts or other parts of your HVAC system from becoming breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other bacterias.

Air Duct Cleaning Houston

If your home is humid or you are noticing mold, dust, or other issues that may or may not be the cause of humidity then you need air duct cleaning. We will fully clean your air ducts from the central AC unit, to the connection box, and all the way throughout your house to each vent opening. Check out office cleaning san francisco here. We can fully sanitize and disinfect the air ducts and vent covers so you can truly enjoy fresh, clean air that you know is free of bacteria and other contaminants. For the best Houston air duct cleaning, you need Aura! We provide same-day and next-day appointments in most cases for local duct work. Our licensed professionals are experienced with both metal air ducts and soft flexible ducts, so you can be sure we’ll be able to help. Whether you need ducts cleaning for a commercial property or residential home, Aura is the HVAC company for you.

HVAC Mold Remediation Houston

The first part of mold remediation involves a full inspection of your house by a professional home cleaning company. We can completely remove and prevent mold. With strong disinfectants and full house sanitizing, we can easily take care of HVAC mold problems. Pressure testing and full house mold testing and inspections are important. We take care of everything that is needed due to the result of mold testing and visual inspections. Identifying the source of the mold is very important for making sure we can prevent the source of the excessive water, moisture, or Houston humidity. Aura mold remediation Houston professionals provide affordable air duct cleaning, Then we can fully fix humidity and moisture problems so that mold cannot grow. Mold, mildew, and other unwanted bacteria needs warmth and moisture to grow. When this moisture is taken care of, the whole home benefits. Houston loves to switch between dry hot summers and more humid days too. This presents a problem because houses that are fully equipped to maintain cool air on a hot, dry day cannot always keep up on more humid, moist, warmer days. This is especially true as the seasons change and general climate change alters what we should expect from every season in Texas.

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