Air vent cleaning

Everyone knows the benefits of air duct cleaning, but many homeowners wonder how much the best air duct cleaning costs. Well, the answer significantly relies on the state of your air ducts. You can figure out the average cost of air duct cleaning by reading this article and learning more about what our professional HVAC cleaning technicians look for. We start every appointment with a full inspection of the system, especially the ventilation, before beginning any duct cleaning.

Below you can see some questions that you can ask yourself to figure out how much air duct cleaning will cost. Of course, only a professional air duct cleaning company can provide an accurate quote. We offer over the phone quotes for all standard air duct cleaning in residential homes, and free estimates in-person for all commercial air duct cleaning in Houston. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, you can always call Aura Air Duct Cleaning to schedule an appointment and benefit from affordable and reliable HVAC cleaning services.

Do you have more than 1 A/C unit? Duct cleaning prices are the most affordable for properties with only one air conditioning unit, but of course Aura provides discounts for all homeowners with multiple A/C units. Our prices are extremely competitive.

Can you see dust coming out of the vents? When there is dust coming out of the vents, you definitely need professional home air duct cleaning in Houston. Even when there is no dust, air duct cleaning is recommended every 1 to 2 years. Even when there is dust coming out of the vents, duct cleaning is not expensive and is far worth it so you can enjoy fresh, clean air.

Are you experiencing problems with the airflow? Airflow problems are a sign that there is a blockage in the ducts. This means you definitely need duct cleaning and may need to schedule a premium service to remove the debris.

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