Top choice air duct cleaning

Choosing the best air duct cleaning in Houston can be difficult, so it is important to know what to expect. Our reputable HVAC cleaners are all well-trained with the proper way to clean any type of home air system, as well as provide accurate and fair quotes for any needed work. Most importantly, our company makes sure that all work is agreed to before it is done so that you do not owe extra money at the end of the appointment without knowing why the work was done.

It is incredibly important that you weigh your options carefully, and you should definitely call around to different companies to make sure you are receiving fair pricing. You should not call one single company and go with them. You will often even be able to secure price matching or discounts when you “shop around” by trying to find the best air duct cleaning company in Houston.


The number of reviews obviously matters, but make sure they are real reviews. Avoid companies that have had a large number of reviews recently, but none in the past – this is especially worrisome when they all are written within the same couple days and the reviews are overly optimistic. Even reliable air duct cleaning companies will have some negative or medium range reviews. This is only natural, especially for a company that has been providing air duct cleaning in Houston for years and years. Find here more about house cleaning service in Toronto .Of course, too many negative reviews should definitely be a major warning sign. Another thing you should look for is whether or not the company has responded to their reviews. A negative review should be read carefully because some complaints truly are a major concern and can be a red flag for dealing with the company.

Can the cost of air duct cleaning go up?

Many customers are worried about the cost changing during the appointment. It is important to understand that although you must try to avoid scammers (see below), there are a few reasons that an over-the-phone price might change. When an air duct cleaning technician comes to your home, they can see the state of the ducts, perform inspections, check for mold, mildew, or other problems, and really understand what you need. When you are speaking to a representative over the phone, there is no way to know exactly what your home HVAC system’s cleanliness is like. That said, a professional duct cleaning company will be easily able to tell you price ranges depending on needed cleaning for your home’s size, number of ducts and vent openings, and number of A/C units.

  • If the number of vents/ducts was understated or not clarified over the phone. It’s important to know that our company offers extremely competitive pricing for a large number of home air ducts, so you should avoid companies that rise the starting price by a lot of money once you share how many ducts/vents you have. This is a common tactic to lure customers in through advertisements only to surprise them with over-the-phone pricing or worse, pricing changes during the appointment.
  • If the cleanliness was significantly misstated over the phone and the ducts cannot be genuinely cleaned. This really should only be the case if the state of the ducts was either unknown or misrepresented. It’s completely possible that the ducts do not appear dirty, but upon inspection (you can ask for pictures!) the professional discovers a lot of dirt, dust, and other issues.
  • Mold growth being discovered inside the ducts or other parts of the HVAC system may lead to a shift in the price, but a reputable air duct cleaning and mold remediation company will always provide ranges based on your discussions on the phone.

Trustworthy Houston Air Duct Cleaning

We provide reliable duct cleaning that you can trust. Our estimates and initial price ranges are very accurate and will never go up in price surprisingly. We provide transparent and fair business to all of our customers, following the ethical guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Learn more about our Houston air duct cleaning services, and related HVAC work. We are confident that we will leave your home with you 100% satisfied. Our labor guarantees have got you covered should anything further be needed or in the rare case of something not being completed.

Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Air duct cleaning scammers are responsible for thousands of dollars in illegitimate service charges each month. Most illegal HVAC schemes involve charging customers for services that are hard to verify, or were never fulfilled. You have to look out for companies that either may you pay beforehand or surprise you with much higher amounts. If an air duct cleaner says that you owe hundreds of dollars more than you agreed to, extreme caution must be taken. A professional air duct cleaning company in Houston will always make you aware of anything that might need to be taken care of as it’s discovered, and a price to repair or clean will be agreed before or mid-service. You must watch out for service providers that fix things without even making you aware that anything is broken. Similarly, mold problems or extra cleaning that is a surprise on the final bill should send warning signs to you. A real, licensed, certified, and trustworthy air duct cleaning company will never just start cleaning parts of your HVAC system that you did not agree to have cleaned for a set price beforehand.

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