How to identify mold at home

Let’s start with saying that the main cause of mold is moister. Moisture creates the perfect conditions for mold to start growing, and it usually starts growing on materials such as drywalls, ceilings, wood or fabric. In case of a water damage, mold can star it’s growth within as soon as 48 hours.

Once mold has stared to grow at your home, it is very natural that you and other family members will start to have a difficulty breathing and might have allergic reactions. Mold usually will cause health problems because of the spores it releases in the air. These health problems might include breathing problems, allergic reactions, infections and more. In some cases you might even be required to evacuate your home until a mold remediation is done. 

This means that standing water must be removed and cleaned as soon as it is noticed. This will reduce the chances of having mold grow at your home.

The best solution to get rid go mold growth at your home is hiring a professional mold remediation and mold removal company. 

A professional more remediation and mold removal company should be able to do the following:

– Determine the water or moisture source that causes mold growth.

– Identify the mold location and reason of appearance.

– Make sure the mold is not spread in the future.

– Perform mold remediation service

– Perform intensive drying techniques to ensure mold doesn’t come back.

– Be able to restore the property and to make any necessary changes.

Recognizing the Mold

Mold can appear in many different colors and shapes, it can be dark, light, black, green, blue, yellow and more.

Mold can grow and show in a very obvious shape and look, but on the other side it may appear in a way that you don’t even realize this is mold, or it can also appear in hidden places such as behind or inside walls, it can also grow behind wallpapers and other hidden places.

Identifying mold

Our professional technicians can identify and discover any mold source at your home. We know which signs to look for and how to recognize them whether they are visible or hidden. Mold Identification will include:

– Visible mold signs 

– Musty smell or odor

– Humid conditions

– Symptoms of mold, including itchy eyes and runny nose

– Symptoms of a allergic reaction

– Signs moistness or dampness

– Stains or discoloration on walls, ceiling, floors or other places

– Peeled paint and gurgling backdrop

– Damp surfaces

What Causes Mold?

Mold is likely developed in your home on the off chance that you have moisture or wet areas there. Many sorts of dampness issues can prompt to mold development. These incorporate sodden attire, flawed channels, rooftop releases, an absence of ventilation, surges, water in the cellar, and buildup.

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