Improve the air quality at your home

There are many reasons that your home needs air duct cleaning every year or two but there also is the main reason homes need air duct cleaning. Allergies, mold, dust problems, inefficient air conditioning, and other problems will all worsen over time. Reliable air duct cleaning companies help homeowners avoid these issues with routine, yearly cleaning. Aura’s trusted air duct cleaning in Houston is a perfect solution for home dust problems, allergies, and more. Give us a call or keep reading to learn more!


Many homeowners, tenants, and others know what it’s like to be in a home with dirty air ducts. Dust, allergens, and other contaminants float freely through the air, collecting on surfaces, the carpet, and everyone’s lungs. These substances can be harmful, cause respiratory problems, and irritate seasonal allergies or other reactions.


Obviously, dust in the air ducts builds up over time, but this can be even worse. When dust comes out of the ducts it will float through the air and settle on furniture, the floor, and other surfaces. This dust can be very difficult to remove without daily, deep cleaning. Air duct cleaning removes the dust from the ducts so you can enjoy fresh, clean air. Your home just needs standard routine air duct cleaning each year or two once the initial dust problem is taken care of.


Mold is a major problem that can quickly cause a house to be unsafe to live in. Mold can cause headaches, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems. You need to clean moldy air ducts as soon as possible. You cannot let mold grow out of control or you will spend thousands of extra dollars trying to fix it.

Pet Fur / Dander

Pet owners know how much fur and dander can build up in the carpeting, stairs, and other areas of the house. This fur and dander makes its way throughout the house, and into the ventilation. Pet fur and dander in air ducts can be hard to remove, and annoying to deal with. You must be careful as a long-time homeowner if you do not clean the air ducts because they can become very dirty.

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