Dirty dryer vents lead to slower drying times, problems with the ventilation, and can even cause a fire. In fact, up to 40% of home dryer fires started because the dryer vent was not cleaned. If you are a tenant moving in to a new home, apartment, townhome, condo, or another place then you need to ask your landlord about dryer vent cleaning services! You deserve to live in a safe house with a dryer vent that does not cause your dryer machine to run slowly, 4porngames and for longer. Avoid the fire hazards, dryer clothes quicker, and enjoy your life in your new apartment or home with professional dryer vent cleaning!

A surprising number of house fires are caused every year by dryer hoses that become obstructed by lint. A significant number of home fires are related to clothes dryers with excessive lint build-up being suspected in many of these fires. Lint is highly flammable and if dryer ducts get restricted and cannot properly release hot air, the dryer heat build-up can occur and ignite the lint. We offer affordable dryer vent cleaning so every home can benefit from a nice, clean dryer vent! Learn more about why dryer vents must be cleaned by a professional company each year.

We offer affordable dryer vent cleaning in many major cities and outer areas. Give us a call for the best cleaning for your dryer vent.

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