You may be wondering what an air duct is and what an air vent is. They are very different, but most people get them confused. A vent is simply an opening, usually in a wall, ceiling, or floor. The duct on the other hand is inside the wall, ceiling, or floor, and is the actual tube that air gets pushed through.

Many homeowners look line for “vent cleaning”, but it’s actually air duct cleaning they are looking for. This is because vents mostly get dirty when the ducts are dirty too. Of course, you can brush off a vent / vent cover, but if there’s more dust inside the air ducts and other parts of the HVAC system then it’s only a matter of time before the vents are dirty again too.

Other times, customers will assume that vent cleaning is included in addition to their duct cleaning service. We try to make this very clear on our initial phone calls so everyone knows exactly what they are getting. Air vent cleaning is not the same as duct cleaning, so make sure you tell us if you need both. We do have packaged deals to do both, so don’t worry – we’ll make sure your ventilation is cleaned completely!

A vent is an opening that can vary in size and it allows the air to pass through. The vent can be almost any shape too, but is usually rectangular or square with a cover over it. Air ducts can be squared off, round, or another shape. They come in many different materials and are the tubes that the air passes through to get to each vent. Each vent is either at the end of the duct, or is placed along the duct where small openings allow the vent to be attached.

Now that you know more about air vents and ducts you should give us a call for cleaning services. Aura Air Duct Cleaning will give you the best price and make sure your air is feeling and smelling fresh!

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