If you find mold in air ducts, you know it needs to be removed. Black mold can be deadly or at the very least, dangerous for your health. Other types of mold in air ducts still must be remediated. Aura Air Duct Cleaning can completely clean your home air ducts, remove mold, install UV lights, sanitize your HVAC system, and offer labor guarantees & warranties for all of our services. Call now to schedule a FREE estimate for mold remediation to get rid of any bacteria or mold in your home air ducts.

You may have seen some mold on the vent cover or inside the air duct. Don’t be too worried, we’re here to help! However, if you think there is an emergency then you should immediately leave the house and call the ambulance or a medical doctor if you are experiencing symptoms associated with mold. You can trust our technicians to completely remove the mold and prevent it from coming back. There’s nothing worse than air duct mold when it comes to air in your house. You should take it seriously and schedule a free estimate appointment to identify the cause and have it taken care of.

It’s not enough to just wipe off mold or spray it with a household chemical. While this may help a bit, you need a trained, licensed, and insured technician to come out and inspect your home ventilation. Mold in air ducts can be dangerous and with air circulating, it can spread quickly. It’s definitely not something you want to take care of yourself. Even if you can’t see the mold, it does not mean it isn’t there. Mold spores come together to form clusters that you can see with your eyes. However, there is actually a lot more mold around these concentrations of spores that you can’t see. This is why you shouldn’t attempt to clean it yourself because you may miss critical areas that cause the mold to spread further.

Air duct cleaning with sanitizing treatments is a great way to make sure your ventilation is clean. You deserve to enjoy fresh air in your house again once the mold is removed! There are many problems associated with mold, so make sure you stay up to date with the best practices for dealing with mold or any related issue. We can offer you a FREE estimate based on our inspection of your heating or air conditioning ventilation. With the best cleaning services and mold remediation teams in your area, you can rely on Aura Air Duct Cleaning!

We offer brush and vacuum cleaning, sanitizing treatments, ultra-violet light installations, and other incredible services for the best mold remediation near you. Call us now to schedule your appointment and remove mold in air ducts immediately!

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