If a dryer vent cleaning brush gets stuck it means there is a blockage, clog, or clink that is preventing the equipment from working properly. The rotating brush on the end, vacuum, air blowing tubes, or other parts of the dryer vent cleaning tool cannot function correctly when there is a blockage. Some dryer vent clog cleaning requires chemicals to help break up the materials stuck in the vent. If the dryer vent brush gets stuck during a basic cleaning service, it may mean that further cleaning is not possible without additional tools or cleaning methods. A starting or basic, routine dryer vent cleaning for as low as $85 may not be enough to fully clean the ventilation. You need to make sure that all obstacles inside are fully removed.

Dryer vent clog removals are affordable with Aura! You can rely on us to fully clean your dryer vent. We make sure to provide a fantastic customer service experience over the phone, and an even better time during your home service appointment. You’ll be happy when we finish cleaning your dryer vent. We detach the main vent, clean the whole dryer vent from your laundry room, and re-attach the vent. We then run the dryer machine for a few minutes to ensure the cleaning and vent attachment causes no problems. You’ll be more than satisfied with Aura’s dryer vent cleaning services!

Give us a call today for $85 dryer vent cleaning – $98 if your dryer vent goes through the roof!

If you schedule your appointment on January 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (2021) then you can receive up to 10% off your first home service appointment! We clean dryer vents, air ducts, chimneys, and more!

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