Air duct cleaning is important for pet owners

Let us tell you about the air duct cleaning importance. If you have indoor pets, it is very important to have your air duct cleaning. Pet dander and fur can definitely make its way into your air ducts and air conditioning or ventilation. Fur and pet dander are obviously a lot more bothersome in a home than dust or other particles of dirt. When your indoor pets shed, the resulting for can have a drastic effect on your home ventilation. they obviously are caught in your air filters and vent covers a lot easier than dust, but this presents issues. Pet dander or fur in your vent covers and filters can significantly lower the quality of airflow in your house. The Prefer that does make it through your vents or filters will end up either being recycled through your air conditioning system or end up on your carpet, upholstery, or other parts of your home.

We are more than equipped to deal with all air duct concerns, and would be happy to help you. If you have more than one pet, you will definitely want to clean your air ducts more often. However, even just one indoor pet justifies cleaning your air ducts more frequently each year. We are accustomed to helping Houston homeowners and property managers with all their air duct cleaning needs, and we still will have time for you as well. We will answer all of your questions on the phone or in-person. We will make sure to come to your property on time and prepared for all the air duct cleaning that you require. Our only request is that we can work without disturbance from your pet, but there’s nothing wrong with a friendly puppy, kitten, or another indoor pet! 

While there are many benefits to air duct cleaning, pet owners will definitely see the benefits faster. One major aspect to your air ducts and ventilation system is your electricity bill. When your air ducts, vent covers, or the system itself are clogged by dirt, dust, or other substances you are forcing your system to work harder. This is not efficient and actually costs more as you are using more electricity. Because of this, removing all of the pet dander and fur from your air ducts, vent covers and system will definitely show the benefits of the cleaning on your electricity bill following your appointment. Of course, some pets do not shed enough to cause a significant increase in electricity, but we have worked with so many homeowners over the years that have seen this benefit following their appointment and feel comfortable letting you know. Always remember the air duct cleaning importance for your own benefit.

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