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Chimney Cleaning Denver

Chimney Cleaning Denver can handle all of your chimney and fireplace needs. Our experienced technicians can help you with your vintage wood burning stoves, traditional brick and mortar chimneys, and even the newest gas burning fireplaces.

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Chimney Cleaning in Denver

Aura Chimney Cleaning Denver is proud to offer the best prices for home and commercial chimney sweeps, maintenance, and repair services. Our experienced technicians are familiar with wood burning, gas burning, and even commercial stoves and ovens. We can sweep your entire chimney, repair the worst breaks and biggest unsightly cracks.

At Aura chimney cleaning Denver, we suggest an annual cleaning before using your fireplace for the first time of the new cold season to ensure any of last year’s, or the last use’s, debris has been removed and your fireplace and chimney have been properly cleaned to prevent ventilation issues and potential fire hazards. No matter what kind of fireplace you have, it is important to make sure that it is in it’s best working order before use call Aura today for the best chimney cleaning Denver has to offer.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that fireplaces be cleaned at ⅛ inch of soot buildup. Even though it may sound like a small amount, it is enough soot to cause a fire capable of damaging not only your chimney but your home as well. This is also important to keep in mind for outdoor fireplaces that you use throughout the summer for hangouts with family and friends. If you’re not quite sure how much soot you have in your chimney or fireplace, call Aura today to get a free inspection and an estimate on cleaning your chimney.


Benefits of Denver Chimney Cleaning

1. Prevents Carbon Monoxide Danger – Carbon monoxide is one of the many undesirable byproducts of using your fireplace or wood stove. Ensuring that your chimney is swept regularly and before infrequent use is the best way to allow for proper ventilation and prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home. 

2. Increases Heating Efficiency – When we use our fireplaces for heat, ensuring that your flue is in proper working order and your chimney allows for proper ventilation keeps the heat right where you want it.  

3. Decreasing Fire Hazard – One of the undesirable byproducts of using your fireplace is creosote, which is highly flammable. Creosote travels up and is deposited along the chimney with the soot. Chimneys with ⅛ inch of soot build up promotes the ideal conditions for a chimney fire with the potential to damage your home. 

4. A Clean Chimney is Easier to Inspect – If you have a chimney that’s free from soot then it will be easier for the technician to assess the safety and soundness of your chimney. At Aura we offer a free inspection with all of our Chimney Cleaning Denver Services.


Denver Chimney Repairs

From issues as simple as trying to light your gas fireplace for the first time in the season to more serious things like unsightly, potentially dangerous cracks in your chimney, Aura chimney cleaning Denver can handle it all. 

Gas fireplaces can be a little finicky after being left off for a few months, if you need help getting it started for the season, you need to get it repaired, or maybe you were thinking of starting out fresh with a brand new system, we can help you with all your needs. 

Repairs on a brick and mortar fireplace can be more difficult and can cause disappointments if you hire someone who doesn’t do a good job. Our technicians have experience with brick repairs, mortar fills, flashing repair, waterproofing and much more. 

Call Aura today for the best repair service and chimney cleaning Denver has available.

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