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Homeowners in Tomball, Texas trust Aura’s affordable dryer vent cleaning. We clean dryer vents and air ducts as an established HVAC company. For the best Tomball dryer vent cleaning, call Aura and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals.

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Dryer vent
Cleaning in Tomball

Any dryer air vents deserve proper air flow clean of all contaminants. It is so important to have these vents inspected and cleaned, because flammable substances like lint and other materials can start to build up. This can be dangerous and costly. Here at Aura services, we recommend that you schedule a cleaning and inspection at least once per year. It is also important to monitor any moisture that could be present, because this can lead to mold growth. Make sure you clean your dryer filters before and after each use, as it is so important to reduce the amount of stress your dryer vents undergo.

Why You Need To Clean
Your Dryer Vent

– Between 30% and 40% of home dryer fires began because of unclean dryer vents

– Cleaning your home dryer vent reduces the risk of a fire in your house

– The best way to prevent a home dryer fire is with dryer vent cleaning and regular inspections


Dryer vents that are not up to date with examinations can lead to fires, mold growth, and other problems. Home dryers are very expensive, so rather than risk having the whole dryer break and malfunction, routine check ups are highly recommended. If these vents are not properly cleaned, the hot air that is expelled throughout your dryer can cause a fire outbreak. If there are any clogs or build ups of residue within your vents, proper airflow will be compromised. If this is the case, moisture can get trapped within your home and lead to mold growth. It is important to eliminate any problems before they arise.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning, Starting at $77

No matter what issues you may be facing, we would be happy to clean your dryer vent(s) and provide you with the best care available. We will provide free estimates for repairs, additional cleaning, or severe cases of moldy dryer vents and machines. We will be able to take care of all of your ventilation needs.

– Basic dryer vent cleaning in Tomball for as low as $77

– Basic air duct cleaning in Tomball for as low as $77

– Professional technicians with dryer vent brushes, air blowers, and vacuums

– Quickly remove lint, dust, and other substances from the dryer vent

– Free inspection of the dryer vent and connections

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Areas

Aura’s long history as a leading dryer vent cleaning company has helped homeowners all across the Greater Houston area. Whether you are in Tomball, TX or another nearby location, Aura’s trusted dryer vent services can help you maintain fresh, clean vents and ducts inside your house, apartment, condo, or trailer. As a leading Houston dryer vent cleaning company, Aura is dedicated to maintaining its reputation as the best duct and vent cleaners with very affordable costs. Give us a call any time to learn more about our services, appointments, and what we can do to help and make sure you are fully satisfied.

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