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Mold Remediation League City

Mold is an undesirable, damage causing, health deteriorating growth that we never like to see in or around our home. If you have a mold issue, call Aura’s mold remediation League City today to keep your home mold free.

Mold Remediation League City

When mold is not addressed immediately it tends to have negative effects such as causing severe damage to wherever it is growing, especially in your home. When mold first initializes in an area it is important to get it taken care of as soon as possible, the first sign of mold, even if you can’t see it, is a dirty, musty or mildew smell. Mold can be much more easily controlled and removed if addressed when it is first noticed rather than after it has already caused damage to your home’s floors, walls, ceilings, bathroom, HVAC system, and you and your family’s health. Call mold remediation League City today to keep your home and your family safe and healthy.


Mold In Your HVAC System 

Mold anywhere in your home can be concerning, however, mold in your home’s HVAC system can be detrimental to your family’s health and can introduce mold into the air you breathe. Mold can be prompted to grow in your HVAC system due to ideal environments being created and introduced to your home’s heating and cooling system by something as uncontrollable as the weather outside. The humidity paired with the Texas heat can cause your home’s heating and cooling system to have the ideal environment for mold to grow. When mold first starts to grow, it is usually too small to see or can be hidden deep inside your HVAC system. By the time you can see it,  there is usually a severe mold problem. UV-C lights are proven to remove and prevent mold and other unwanted bacteria and particles from your HVAC system. UV lights are energy efficient and compact allowing them to be installed in hard to reach places within your HVAC system. For more information on UV-C lights for removal of mold in your HVAC system check out our UV Light Installation page. Call mold remediation League City to get mold in your HVAC system taken care of effectively and affordably.


Mold Is Not So DIY Friendly  

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that for mold infestations larger than 10 square feet you seek the help of a professional. However, if you do find yourself trying to tackle mold on your own, it is important to realize that bleach and other mold cleaners have limitations. While being effective at removing visible mold, the underlying growth that is not exposed can still promote future growth. Bleach and other mold cleaners can also be corrosive to metal and electrical components.

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