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Mold Remediation Miami

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Mold Remediation in Miami

For the best, most effective and cheapest mold remediation in Miami, Aura is the right service for you! We will provide you with free estimates on mold removal, remediation and prevention. Mold can be dangerous and it is our job to take care of any potential problems with care and certainty. Allow our professionals to provide you with the best possible home mold solutions or commercial mold remediation in Miami. Our expert mold remediation professionals will be sure to provide you with an honest estimate and the best possible advice.

Mold problems and remediation in Miami!

 You Must Remove Mold From Your Property – As you know, mold is definitely not good for your health. Certain types of mold are completely dangerous and require an evacuation of your home or commercial property. However, other types of mold are less scary, but should still be taken care of immediately. Within just 3 days, mold can become unmanageable and hard to completely remove. In the worst case scenario, a home or property must be condemned due to severe mold infestations. 

Here are some known symptoms or effects of coming into contact with mold:

– Runny or stuffy nose

– Irritated, red, watery eyes

– Skin rashes or irritations

– Coughing or cold symptoms

– Sore throat or irritated lungs

– Wheezing and other respiratory problems

It is extremely important to take care of mold in your Miami home or commercial business property because of the weather. Keep reading to learn more about how Miami’s humid conditions make it even more important for you to clean, remove, and prevent mold.

Miami Humidity & Weather

With Miami being such a hot and humid city, it is extremely important to make sure that any moisture and water is removed from any HVAC system. As you know, water and moisture are the leading causes of mold buildup. Our job is to find the source of any potential mold, and remove it using the best tools available with technicians you can trust. Our trained staff members are equipped to handle anything relating to mold removal. We offer the best services to be able to fix the problem.

– Identify all mold and potential growth

– Completely remove all mold

– Kill off mold and remaining spores or traces of the growth

– Clean, sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas

– Find the source of water or moisture

– Keep the area dry and prevent water or moisture from affecting the moldy area

– Use technology such as UV-C lamps to effectively use UV lighting to kill off mold before it can return or expand

Removing Mold from Air Ducts

Removing mold from air ducts can be a lengthy or easy process depending on the severity of your mold problems. It is extremely important to remove mold from your air ducts because your hot or cool air system will circulate this dirty air throughout your property. You definitely do not want to breathe air that is passing through moldy components, no matter how severe the conditions are or aren’t. 

Air duct cleaning in Miami will handle a lot of what is needed to remove mold, dust, and other contaminants from your air ducts. However, other components may need further cleaning and purposeful mold remediation. In this case, we will be sure to provide you with the best pricing on our free estimate for mold removal, cleaning, remediation, and of course prevention for the future.

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