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Mold Remediation

At mold remediation Richmond, we are experts in mold remediation and mold removal. Mold remediation prevents and stops the spread of mold by isolating currently affected areas, treating current problem areas and preventing possible moisture sources that promote growth. Something as uncontrollable as the weather conditions outside can provide enough heat and humidity inside your home to all mold to start to grow. When mold first starts to grow, it is usually too small to see with the bare eye, but can become a severe problem in as little as three days. Mold is commonly accompanied by a mildew smell, at the first signs of mold it is important to call Aura mold remediation Richmond to get it taken care of before it gets out of hand.

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you not try not to do your own mold correction if it spreads over ten square feet, but instead you should employ the help of professionals. For more information on mold in your home, you can check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s website .Unless it is controlled, mold can cause severe damage to your home’s ceilings, walls, floors, bathrooms, and heating and cooling system. The longer you procrastinate and allow the mold to expand its reach in your home, the more damage it can cause to not only your home, but your health as well. Mold can cause health related issues like breathing problems; allergic reactions like itchy or irritated nose, throat, or eyes; runny nose, and in some cases rashes if direct contact is made. For more information on the health concerns related to mold in your home, you can check out the Center for Disease Control’s website. To prevent health concerns and get the best service, mold remediation Richmond is here for you. Call Aura today for a free estimate.

Mold In Your
HVAC System

Regardless of what type of heating and cooling system you have in your home, if it’s zoned, claims to be humidity controlled, or just a typical heating and cooling system, mold can be found and grow in the ductwork and on or around other parts of the HVAC system. Mold thrives in warm, humid conditions which can commonly be found in the HVAC system due to any number of factors. These ideal conditions promote mold to grow by attaching itself to any of the particles found in your air system such as the smallest spec of dust, dirt, dead skin cells, pollen, animal dander or bacteria. If the mold is visible from inside your home, it is more than likely what you cannot see is quite severe. The most effective way to remove and prevent mold in your HVAC systems is a UV-C light. You can find more information by visiting our UV light installation page.

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Richmond Mold

Immediate action is critical when you have mold issues, some smaller outbreaks or specific locations can be easily cleaned and treated, however, mold can be invasive and cause damage to drywall, ceilings, flooring, and other parts of your home that are not as easy to completely clean and may need to be replaced. At Aura mold remediation Richmond, we have seen it all, even the most hidden mold infestations, you can feel secure in trusting us with your issue knowing that each of our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with any mold issue you may be facing. From our first meeting for your free estimate to the final day of work, we communicate every step of the way. Our technicians take the extra time to find out why the mold exists, and how to keep it from returning.

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