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Mold Remediation
In Tomball

For any mold remediation in Tomball, Aura is here to take care of you. Within just two to three days mold can become completely unmanageable. At the first sign of potential mold growth you should call and schedule a home inspection. We will promptly be able to inspect your home and identify any mold as well as the original source. For mold to grow and expand, moisture or water needs to be present. We will make sure to completely remove all mold and make sure it does not return.

The Steps We Take to
Remove All Mold

Our professionals will be able to identify any evidence of mold. We will find the source of the moisture that caused the mold to start growing, provide the proper services needed for complete mold removal. Using chemicals that are safe we will then clean and sanitize the affected area where the mold has begun to grow. UV-C lamps can be installed to kill off any mold as well, and prevent it from ever coming back.

Mold in Your Tomball
Home Air Ducts

If a musty or foul odor is coming from your air ducts, there is a good chance mold is hiding inside. If there are any potential signs of mold growth, call and schedule a free inspection so that we can fix it before it gets completely out of hand.

Having mold in your air ducts can lead to the risk of mold spores spreading around your house. It is important that your home and ducts are as dry as possible to slow or stop the expansion of mold growth in your home, and it is important that heat and AC be turned off.

Dangers of

Mold can lead to allergic reactions, headaches and is dangerous for your health. Our company provides the best mold removal and prevention services for air conditioning coils, air ducts, and any other HVAC equipment. We are you local and trusted certified cleaning professionals in Tomball with years of experience in mold removal and remediation. For more information on UV-C lights for removal of mold in your HVAC system check out our UV Light Installation page.

Schedule Your Tomball
Mold Inspection

Our professionals will complete a free full inspection of your AC unit and let you know if any mold has been found. If you feel that mold may be present in your home, call us immediately. You will be able to speak to one of our friendly professionals and have any questions answered.

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