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For the best HVAC UV light installation Denver has to offer, call Aura! Our UV-C lights will kill any contaminants found in your AC system including mold, yeast, and a multitude of other bacteria.

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UV Light Installation
in Denver

Denver is cold, and damp, and has humidity, lots of humidity. Humidity happens to be your home’s biggest weakness. It’s important to understand how humidity plays a role in your home, and with your body. The higher the humidity level, the higher the amount of precipitation in the air. Below is a graph that outlines how it makes you feel on your body. Give UV Light Installation Denver a call today for a free same day estimate.

While the actual humidity in the air doesn’t affect the literal temperature changes in your air duct system, it can lead to moisture build up which in turns leads to mold growing. This is why you sometimes see small water droplets appear around the exhaust vents in your AC system, it means you have very high humidity and are a high candidate for mold.

Are UV lights
worth the cost?

That Depends, do you want to stay comfy in your home?

As seen above, the comfort range is right in between 20 and 60%. With an average yearly humidity $ being closer to 80, it’s no wonder we can’t stay cozy in our own homes. Your AC takes the heat ( the warm air ) from within your home, conditions it ( with freon ) and spits it back out at a cool 20% lower than what it went in. When your home has a higher than normal humidity, the humidity gets sucked in the intake vent as well, humidity is how much water is in the air, when you add water to your air duct system, mold grows. This is where the UV light system shines the most.

Replacing air ducts in a standard home, between 1500-2000 Sq Feet can start at roughly $4,000 dollars. Installing a UV light starts at about $400 dollars, this is a massive difference.

While we can clean air ducts that have mold, the damage could already be done, then you’ve sent someone in to clean it and you may need to repair it in the future anyways. Aura recommends that you have your ducts inspected at least once a year, and cleaned every six months. If you’d like, we can even do a humidity test in your home to determine how much humidity is within your air duct system.

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UV Lights

What do UV
lights do?

UV lights kill bacteria before it reaches your exhaust vents and enters your home. It can also help kill viruses, and bacteria associated with the cold and the flu. UV Lights are non intrusive, and are installed in the air duct system itself, with minimal maintenance, and out of the way. We do suggest that you have them inspected with your annual air duct inspection. This works out great for you because we can clean your ducts, and do a free checkup on the UV lights. Our UV lights come with a three year warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll come take care of them in the event something goes wrong.

UV light installation Denver follows all code related enforcement in the state of Colorado. We are licensed, insured and wear full PPE when on premise.

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