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For quality, local HVAC UV light installation Humble, call Aura! UV-C lights remove and prevent contaminants found in your AC system.

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UV Light Installation

UV lights are the best way to kill and prevent particles in your HVAC system such as bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens. UV light installation Katy is proud to be the most professional company to remove and prevent unwanted bacteria in your home’s heating and cooling system. The development of portable UV lights has made it possible to install the lights in hard to reach places deep in your air duct system. UV lights can be installed to target an area prone to build up or that already has a build up of undesirable particles directly. For over 100 years, UV lights have been used in medical facilities to disinfect the air and prevent the transmission of bacteria and is currently being tested for its effectiveness in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Production of LED UV-C lights make UV lights more energy efficient so that there is no worry about increased utility bills in order to keep your family safe and healthy. For professional, local services call Aura UV light installation Humble for an appointment for a free estimate to assess your UV light needs.

Our knowledgeable technicians can install these lights in your system anywhere they need to be to prevent mold and bacteria growth and prevent future growth and circulation in your home or office for the best price around. Typical install locations include the plenum box and near the AC coils. Installation in the plenum box directly affects all of the ductwork, whereas installation near the AC coils allows the lights to destroy any particles before they enter the circulation in your home. Our technicians also make sure that you and your family are kept free of any negative effects of UV lights by installing the lights away from any area where the UV light can reach inside the home. Due to the volume of UV lights we install, UV light installation Humble is able to pass the savings along to the homeowners.

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Mold Remediation

Mold growing in your home, especially your heating and cooling system to be circulated throughout your home, can be intimidating. The short wavelengths produced by UV-C lights are the best way to prevent and eliminate mold. UV lights are proven to remove and prevent the future growth of mold and other bacteria. For more information on mold remediation and the use of UV lights for mold, please check out our mold remediation page.

A properly maintained UV light can last many years, however, as your lights acquire dust found in your HVAC system they will need to be cleaned regularly – at Aura, we recommend yearly appointments. UV lights and regular replacement of high MERV filters are the best way to keep your home’s air free of undesirable particles and promote positive health for your family. Call Aura today for a free estimate and to evaluate your placement needs.

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Are UV Lights
Worth the Cost

Our expert technicians at Aura, and the volume of installations we perform allows us to pass along the savings to Humble homeowners like you. With the advancement in the development of UV lights, Aura is proud to install energy efficient LED lights. We see an estimated energy cost for LED UV lights is about $50 a year. In the long run, your health and not having unwanted particles in your home will provide the answer that UV lights are more than worth the cost. Call Aura UV light installation Humble today to get a free estimate for installing UV lights in your HVAC system.

Call us for a FREE phone consultation and to schedule your FREE estimate for mold remediation and UV light installation in Spring.

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Water Damage Restoration

Why You Need UV Lights / UV-C Lamps to Combat Mold

When water emergencies arise, it is very important that you call a professional Houston water damage restoration company. As you know, moisture and water leads to mold and mildew. This is a huge problem and can quickly become unmanageable if not taken seriously as soon as the water damage is detected. Whether you have experienced major flooding, a burst pipe emergency, or even minor water damage in your Houston home, you definitely should consider using ultraviolet light lamps to combat possible mold growth. We can help with your water damage in Houston, so give us a call!

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UV Light Disinfection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (commonly referred to as the CDC) has researched ultraviolet light for years and proven that UV lights are very effective with combating harmful pathogens. The CDC ultraviolet light research shows that UV-C lamps and ultraviolet light kills bacteria, viruses, and more. This is very important research because it proves that using a UV-C lamp to combat mold growth is worth it and suggested by the best scientists in the world.

When a home suffers from water damage, UV light can be used to quickly prevent mold and mildew from growing. Sudden water leaks and flooding can ruin your house, so it is important to understand the risks of water damage in Houston. It is highly advised that you should call a professional water damage restoration, mold remediation, and home cleaning company in Houston as soon as you can. We are equipped to dry your home, prevent further damage, install UV lights, and fully restore your home so it is clean, safe, and beautiful.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet Lights

We provide affordable ultraviolet light installation in Houston, so give us a call if you have a home mold problem or other bacteria in your house. We can protect your HVAC system from mold and other unwanted contamination with the use of powerful UV lights. Aura Mold Remediation Houston is your affordable service to remove, clean, and prevent mold in home air ducts and the rest of the HVAC system.

This type of light is super effective with killing and preventing further mold. There really is no better solution than a ultraviolet lighting for Houston home mold remediation. Of course, it’s important to disinfect and sanitize your HVAC system so that even the smallest parts of your mold problem are completely taken care of.

Best UV Light
Install Houston

For the best ultraviolet lights Houston has to offer, give Aura a call. We offer affordable services to be able to successfully eliminate mold and ensure it never returns. With years of experience our professionals will be able to locate where any mold may be present and provide you with a complete service to remove it. Proper inspections for mold are very important. We must identify where the mold is, as well as how it started growing. Mold needs moisture to grow, so it’s imperative to identify the source and stop further water or moisture from affecting your house and causing mold to grow. You will need the best water damage restoration Houston has to offer for major water problems, leaks, flooding, or other water damage in your house. Part of our process is to install UV-C lamps and other ultraviolet light emitters in important parts of your house so that mold cannot grow out of control while the water damage is being dried, repaired, and restored. For full water damage repair and remodeling, you need to call Aura.

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