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For the best HVAC UV light installation Pearland has to offer, call Aura! Our UV-C lights will kill any contaminants found in your AC system including mold, yeast, and a multitude of other bacteria.

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UV Light Installation

Using UV lights is the most effective way to kill mold, viruses, and other bacteria. If your HVAC system has been infected by bacteria or other harmful contaminants in hard to reach places, UV lights will be able to get the job done and completely clean the affected area. These lights are set up to directly target an affected area or an area that is prone to being affected like areas with high moisture. Mold remediation prevents the risk of skin irritation, asthma, and other heath risk associated with mold and kills it without using harmful chemicals. UV lights are widely used in hospitals and other facilities because they disinfect the air and prevent the transmission of illness. These lights are energy efficient so your monthly energy bill will not spike. Our certified technicians have installed countless UV lights to HVAC systems and households to clear mold and bacteria and prevent any future growth. It is common for us to install UV lights near ductwork and AC coils to destroy any harmful particles before they enter your home.

The Benefits
of UV lights

Our custom LED lights can be installed anywhere. Aura UV Light Installation in Pearland is affordable and worth it for any homeowner. If you are selling, buying, or renting a home you should think about UV lights. They can keep your HVAC system clean and safe for years. We make it simple and easy. Just call Aura for a free estimate and consultation. Mold remediation and prevention doesn’t have to become a nightmare for you- theses UV lights can be extremely successful. and UV lights are extremely successful.

UV-C lights eliminate and protect your home from mold. Our experienced technicians will be able to inspect your home and install the lights wherever mold and bacteria is present. Properly maintained lights can last years however as your HVAC system collects dust they will need to be cleaned. We recommend annual appointments to make sure they are clean and functioning efficiently. Call Aura today for your free estimate to evaluate your placement needs and ask us any questions about your UV installation services.

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Call us for a FREE phone consultation and to schedule your FREE estimate for mold remediation and UV light installation in Pearland.

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Water Damage
Restoration Pearland

UV light installation in Pearland is our specialty. For water damage, ultraviolet lights are perfect for killing bacteria and preventing mold. Humidity and moisture in your house can cause mold to grow. This can become a problem very quickly, so it is always a good idea to take care of it immediately. We install UV lamps and custom lighting for any part of the house. HVAC ultraviolet lights help keep your vents clean. Enjoy fresh, clean air without the worry of mold or bacteria.

If your home is suffering from water damage UV lights can quickly be used to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Water leaks and flooding can ruin your home, and it is highly advised that at the first sign of any water damage you give Aura a call. Our certified technicians will be able to get your home dry and prevent further damage down the road. UV lights can help restore your so it is dry, safe, and clean. The CDC ultraviolet light has acknowledged the effectiveness and efficiency of these lights and Aura will be able to install them for any of your water damage disasters. Give us a call today so we can get your house restored and mold free.

Best UV Light Installation
In Pearland

For the best ultraviolet light installation give Aura a call. We offer the most affordable services to be able to successfully eliminate mold and ensure it will not return. With years of experience, our experts will be able to locate and remove wherever mold wherever is present. We will inspect your entire home and any area affected by water leaks or mold growth. Aura will provide you with the best water damage restoration services for any water, leaks, flooding, and other damage in your home. Give us a call today so we can set up your appointment right away and provide you with affordable solutions for any water damage, mold, or any other problems you may be experiencing.

UV Lights

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"I am very impressed with Gabriel and his team, they were very professional with their job, he taught me what am suppose to know about vent and how to take care of it. They did an amazing job, will call them again for next time."
Timothy R.
"We appreciate Gabriel’s job and all the cleaning that they did in our house. We had a bad problem with pet stains and bad smell in our carpet and the air duct but thanks Aura air duct cleaning our house smell fresh and clean again."
Brittany Foxx
"My house was flooded from hurricane Harvey, about 4 ft of water. Aura restoration were recommended to me by my neighbors and i called them. They arrived the same day and started the work very quickly."
Ricky P.
"They was highly professional and did a great job cleaning our ducts/vents! They were very clear up front about pricing & what was included in the service, and were very thorough doing the actual work. Thank you to the team at they! We would definitely use them again."
Kristina Jones

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