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HVAC UV light installation Richmond is quality and affordable! UV-C lights remove and prevent unwanted particles found in your AC system.

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UV Light Installation

UV lights, specifically the short wavelengths of UV-C lights, are the most effective way to kill and prevent particles such as bacteria, mold, and yeast in your HVAC system. UV light installation Richmond is the best professional, local company to install UV lights in your HVAC system to remove and prevent unwanted bacteria in your home. The development of portable LED UV lights has made it possible to install UV lights in hard to reach places deep in your air duct system with the added benefit of being energy efficient. UV lights can be installed to directly target areas prone to build up or that already have a build up of undesirable particles, or can be installed to affect all the air in your home’s heating and cooling system. For more than 100 years, UV lights have been used in hospitals and other medical facilities to disinfect the air and prevent the transmission of disease causing bacteria and is currently being tested for its effectiveness in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

Our experienced technicians can install these lights in your system anywhere they need to be to best prevent unwanted particles in the circulation in your home or office for the most affordable price around. We usually install UV lights in the plenum box or near the AC coils. Installation in the plenum box, or the connection box, directly affects all of the ductwork and the air in circulation, whereas installation at the AC coils lets the lights destroy particles before they enter your home. Our professional technicians make sure that you and your family are kept free of any negative effects of UV lights by ensuring the lights are installed away from where the UV light would be able to reach inside the home. The high volume of installations we perform at UV light installation Richmond, we are proud to be able to pass the savings along to the homeowners.

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Mold Remediation

The thought or sight of mold growing in your home, especially in your heating and cooling system where it can be circulated throughout your home, can be intimidating. UV-C lights produce short wavelengths that are proven to be the best way to prevent and eliminate mold. For more information on mold remediation and the use of UV lights for mold, please check out our mold remediation page.

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Are UV Lights
Worth the Cost

UV light can last many years if maintained properly. As your lights acquire dust found in your HVAC system they will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, our Aura technicians can help you set up an appointment for yearly cleanings. UV lights and proper replacement of high MERV filters are the best way to keep your home’s air free of undesirable particles and promote positive health for your family.

Aura’s UV light installation Richmond’s knowledgeable and experienced technicians, and the amount of installations we do allows us to pass the highest savings along to the Richmond homeowners like you. With the advancement in the development of LED UV lights, we see an estimated energy cost for LED UV lights is about $50 a year due to their energy efficiency. Your health and not having unwanted particles in your home will provide the answer that UV lights are more than worth the cost. Call Aura UV light installation Richmond today for an appointment to get a free estimate to installing UV lights in your HVAC system.

Call us for a FREE phone consultation and to schedule your FREE estimate for mold remediation and UV light installation in Spring.

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