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Water Damage Restoration
in Baytown, Texas

Effects of Water Damage

Water damage is nothing to take lightly. It will lead to many problems if not taken care of. Any water that gets trapped within your home or business needs to be removed. At the first sign of potential water damage, contact our services. We will be able to provide you with an inspection and full assessment. We will be able to locate where the water is trapped, and see how far the moisture has traveled. With our powerful equipment and water pumps, we will remove all water and provide complete restoration services. We can dry and dehumidify your home or business to ensure mold growth and secondary water damage will be prevented in the future. 

Identify and Stop the Cause of Water Damage

It is important to quickly identify the cause of the water damage. Whether it is a burst pipe, leaky plumbing, or something else in the home, a water damage restoration expert should be on site to figure out the best course of action for preventing further damage. With Aura services, you can expect to receive the best help from certified Professionals for every trade skill and type of work.

Water Damage Restoration Baytown Services

Remodeling after Water Damage

Our company has a lot of experience with remodeling. We can assist with all repairs and home restoration projects. Whether it is in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home, all water damage will be taken care of completely. With our owners and technicians having experience in construction, we can even completely redo parts of your home. No matter how much water damage there is, you will be satisfied with our services.


Baytown Water Damage Restoration

Free Estimates

Our professionals will be able to fully inspect any water damage and provide you with a free estimate. We will locate all areas affected by the water, and provide you with an honest price. Our mission is to restore your home or business back to its pre-water condition, and provide you with the best available services available. Call your local and trusted water removal company  today!

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