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Water Damage Restoration in Houston

Water Damage Restoration
in Bellaire , TX

Aura Water Damage Restoration Bellaire services are always completed by certified technicians who are experts at repairing and restoring homes that have suffered the effects of any water damage. From burst pipes, leaks, and other emergencies, we will remove all water from your home to avoid further damage. We will make sure everything ends up dry and is free of rot and mold. We are completely dedicated to making sure that your home is fully restored and water-free.

Bellaire Water Damage Restoration

Assessing Water Damage

Our professionals routinely visit homes and commercial properties in Bellaire to assess any water damage. We have seen a variety of cases due to water emergencies, and our initial inspections and assessments will allow us to identify any mold, fungi, mildew, rot, or other contaminants that could be affecting the home structure or interior design. 

Water Damage Restoration Bellaire Services

Aura in Bellaire will provide you with the best restoration service possible. We will ensure your carpet, walls, flooring, and everything else is dry and fully restored. We will inspect all affected appliances and utilities after experiencing water damage and make sure that everything has been checked for water thoroughly. 

Best Water Damage Company in Houston
water damage restoration

Water Removal

If part of your home property is flooded then the first thing we must do is remove the water. Using high powered water pumps, our technicians will make sure all the water is completely removed and dried up. We will then move on to your home or commercial building interior. From the floors to the ceiling and the walls, we need to make sure any moisture is removed. If water sits stagnant in your home, due the humid and wet conditions air ducts and other ventilation systems can become contaminated with mold. Bacteria and allergens thrive in this type of environment, so it is vital to take care of any water damage immediately. 

Other parts of your home like your carpets could also require special attention. Cloth, curtains, and other absorbent materials are prone to holding onto water. This can lead to odors and other problems. If mold is found it will need to be completely removed. 

Aura Water Damage Services

If your home or commercial business needs to be restored back to new after suffering from water damage, Aura should be your first call. Our technicians, cleaners, and other experts are all professionals with water damage remediation, replacements, repairs, and any other services concerning water removal. 

Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly professionals who will be able to answer any of your questions. Don’t let the problem build, call Aura in Bellaire today for your free inspection and estimate. 


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