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water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration
in Humble, TX

Aura Water Damage Restoration humble services are always completed by trained professionals who are experienced with repairing and restoring homes that have suffered the effects of sudden water emergencies, leaks, burst pipes, or other problems. We can assist with removing water from your home to avoid further damage, and help you make sure everything ends up dry and free of mold or rot. We are your full-service water damage restoration company in Humble. We’re 100% dedicated to your satisfaction and making sure your home can be fully restored, cleaned, and returned to the prior condition or better.

Assessing Water Damage

Free Water Damage Inspection and Estimate

Humble Water Damage Restoration

Our qualified technicians visit homes and commercial properties in Humble for water damage inspections and free estimates. We are accustomed to encountering a number of different cases of water damage with varying causes and severity. Our initial assessments and inspections will allow us to identify rotting in the property, mold, fungi, mildew or other contaminants, as well as problems with the home structure or even interior design. 

We will provide you with the best restoration service possible by ensuring your carpet, flooring, walls, and everything else are dry, fully restored and looking beautiful. Our technicians and cleaners can work on replacing any irreparable parts of your home, or handling new appliance installations. It’s important to inspect all affected utilities and appliances after experiencing sudden or priorly unknown water problems.


Water Damage Restoration Humble Services

Water Removal

Remove water from home after flooding, burst plumbing, or excessive rain or storms

If part of your home property is flooded then the first thing you must do is remove the water. Using high powered water pumps, our technicians will make sure all the water is removed. This may take some time, but rest assured that everything will be taken care of. It is important to use natural drainage outside of your home or commercial property when pumping water out of the building or house. 

Water Damage Remediation

Completely take care of stains, rot, mold, and any water damage

Once water is completely removed, it is very important to take care of your home or commercial building interior. From walls and flooring to your ceiling, there are many things that must be considered. In some cases, excessive water damage has led to humid and wet conditions that have ruined air ducts and other ventilation with mold and general contaminants. Allergens and bacteria can thrive in hot, wet environments. It is vital that you take care of water damage immediately to ensure that everything is dry and protected from mold or other problems. 

Some parts of your home like carpeting require special attention. Curtains, cloth, or other absorbent materials are seriously prone to hold water for a while if not dried quickly. Best case scenario is needing some odor remediation and general cleaning, but at the worst of it you may suffer from a serious mold problem requiring full carpet replacement and even more home restoration too. Taking care of your water damage remediation efforts now rather than later is your best choice. 

Aura Water Damage Services

Why Aura Water Damage Restoration services in Humble should be your top choice

If you need to restore your home or commercial property after suffering from water damage, then Aura should be your first call. Our technicians, cleaners, and other professionals are all experienced with water damage remediation, repairs, replacements, and other services. We will always continue to strive to make sure every home or building is fully cleaned and free of mold, bacteria, and other effects of water damage. 

We are a full-service company that can handle every part of your water damage remediation and remodeling project. From removing the water to making the last dab of a paint brush to finish the final touches of your project, Aura is here to help. We have the best technicians and professionals in Humble for all home and commercial remodeling, restoration, and more importantly fully premium water damage remediation services.

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