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Water Damage Restoration League City

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Water Damage Restoration in League City, TX

We are your water restoration experts in League City, Texas! We can take care of all levels of water damage, whether it be excessive flooding, pesty leaks, a burst pipe, or something else. No matter how the water damage came to be, we are here to make sure your home or commercial property is fully restored! 


Dangers of Water Damage

You must be careful when it comes to water damage because of the lasting effects it can have on your house or building. When water is allowed to sit without treatment and cleaning, there is a huge risk for mold growth, wood rot, and other issues. If you do not remove the water quickly, you can definitely expect to have more problems. In fact, the dangers of not taking care of water damage almost always justify having a water damage restoration company come to your property immediately. We can pump the water out of your home or commercial business’ building if there is excessive flooding or leakages. Once the source of the water is determined, we will take immediate steps to stop further damage and consult with you to choose the best course of action for water damage restoration in your League City property. 

League City Water Damage Restoration

– Mold can grow rapidly if untreated and ignored 

– Water and moisture leads to mold or mildew problems

– Wood rot and the erosion of soft wood or materials becomes unmanageable

– Water in your foundation or home structure can cause cracks and breaks

– Carpets will need to be replaced if not dried and cleaned immediately

– Paint, wallpapers, and finish will become stained

– Bacteria and bugs can live healthily in your once clean home

Water Damage Restoration League City Services

Water Damage Free Estimates

If you need a free estimate to remedy the water damage in your League City home or commercial property, Aura is here for you. We provide free estimates for all stages of water damage repairs and home or building restoration efforts. 


– Water pumping & removal

– Drying out your home 

– Removing components and affected removable items

– Appliance repair & replacement

– HVAC cleaning, repair, and replacement services

– Carpet cleaning & replacement

– Carpentry or masonry repair

– Foundation repair

– Mold remediation 

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