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Miami Water Damage Restoration

Aura’s Miami water damage restoration technicians are the best around. We provide affordable home restoration and revitalizing services for all types of water damage. From terrible floods and long-lasting rain storms to burst pipes and other forms of water damage, we have got you covered. We will make sure that your home is safe, clean, and ready to live in as soon as possible. Aura understands the stress of dealing with sudden water damage or extreme flooding and accidents. Our professional restoration experts will be sure to help you understand the process in full, so that there are no more surprises in the coming weeks. Taking care of your home is of the utmost importance, so give your local water damage restoration and remodeling company a call! 

Flood cleanup & Water Pumping

It is important to take care of flooding as soon as possible. If the source of water can be stopped, such as with a burst pipe or leak then that must be the first action you take. If you are suffering from a natural disaster, expected flooding, or excessive rain and storms then you need to try your best to protect your home from further water damage. If it is not safe to remain in your home or you have been advised to evacuate, please follow local or state procedures and worry about your home water damage restoration when it is safe to do so.

– Completely remove all water from the home with high powered water pumps

– Allow natural drainage and weather conditions to reduce flooding outside of home

– Isolate rooms of areas of the house to prevent flooding or excessive water from spreading

Water Damage & Mold

With the right (or shall we say, wrong) conditions, mold can grow and expand rapidly. When there is an excess of water or moisture, mold can thrive in a home. This can quickly become unmanageable in as little as 2-3 days. It is important to take care of water damage and begin restoring your home after flooding, accidental water damage, or other problems. 

water damage restoration
Flood water damage restoration

Mold Remediation in Miami

With hot, humid weather and fluctuation bursts of colder weather, Miami is a unique place. With these wet conditions for our beloved peninsula, it is no surprise that mold can become a problem. Trusting the best mold remediation service in Miami is important for making sure your home is not overcome by mold. Mold can lead to health problems, and smelly odors. Our certified staff are trained to identify any signs of mold, and provide you with the best solution for removal and proper care. 

Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Maintaining clean and dry carpets are essential to any home or business owner. If you let any amount of moisture sit too long in your carpet, it will lead to multiple problems. If water is not removed from carpets, mold can begin to develop contaminating your home with unsafe toxins. Water stuck in carpets will also cause an unpleasant odor. 

Our services will provide you with the best quality care. Our trained professionals will give your carpet a complete clean. We will remove any odor and restore your carpet back to new. Upon inspection, we will inform you of any problems we discover. If the carpet has extreme water damage, it may require further cleaning or a complete replacement in order to eliminate the problem completely. Our friendly staff will be able to identify any issue, and communicate clearly the steps needed to be taken.

Common Water Damages Houston

Wood Rot Home Restoration

Much like carpet or other parts of your home, the wood can definitely become soaked and waterlogged. This can lead to rot, deterioration, and erosion. Depending on the source of water or amount of time the water remains in the home, the conditions can become so bad that the house is no longer safe to reside in. With these extreme cases it is very important to schedule a full home inspection for water damage. A major home remodeling or construction job will be needed in the worst cases of water damage where a house has become uninhabitable.

Plumbing Repair & Restoration

If your home plumbing has become clogged or broken during a water emergency, it is important to fully repair the pipes and related components. With extreme flooding, it is highly possible that major equipment such as a boiler or another expensive piece of plumbing will need servicing or even complete replacement. Regardless of how your home is set up for plumbing with hot water or even heating itself, it is important to take care of any plumbing replacements for any burst pipes or ruined plumbing because of water damage. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Home Electrical Wiring Repair

Our number one priority is to assure you that your home is safe. Our trusted electricians will identify any part of your home that may be unsafe or need repair. From outlets to wiring, lighting and more, we will be able to provide you with a free estimate for complete home electric repairs and restoration. It is dangerous to try and fix any problem on your own. It is important to have highly trained professionals care for your electrical needs. Here at Aura, we guarantee the safest and most reliable services.

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