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water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration
in Pasadena, TX

Aura water damage restoration Pasadena, clean up and repair services are here night and day to help Pasadena homeowners and commercial properties with water emergencies or accidents. We can completely restore any home or building that has suffered from recent or past water leaks, burst plumbing, flooding, or other major water damage. Water damage remediation is important for making sure that your property is protected from mold, rot, and other effects of water being absorbed by your home.

The Danger of Water & Moisture Indoors

As you can imagine having water or moisture in your home or property is not good. The water gets absorbed by your carpet and home structure. This can cause rot and mold. The longer the water stays there, the worse it will be. You definitely want to avoid any potential issue in your Pasadena home or building by removing the water immediately.

Pasadena Home Water Damage Restoration

As a homeowner, tenants, or landlord, you must be really worried about any water damage. Aura has been assisting Pasadena residents with all of their water damage restoration projects. We can completely repair your home and restore it to its former comfortability and cleanliness. Keep reading to learn about a few of our services that we offer to homeowners needing to fix their home after recent water damage.

Commercial Water
Damage Restoration in Pasadena

 If your commercial property is affected by recent flooding or water emergencies, we will definitely be able to help you. From water pump into a full-on water damage restoration and Commercial remodeling, Aura helps numerous customers in Pasadena, Texas with all of their needs. Our technicians are very experienced, well-trained, and dedicated to assisting with any water damage remediation. Call now to schedule your free estimate to take care of any water pumping or cleaning and restoration after a recent sater emergency or accident. 

Water Damage Restoration in Houston
Flood water damage restoration

Water Pumping
and Flood cleanup

The first step is to remove any excess water. If there is a lot, then water pump in will be needed. We’ll make sure all the water gets out of your home or commercial property safely and efficiently. We have the best equipment for our trained professionals to make sure that your property is completely free of excess water, and ready to start drying fully. 

Carpentry Repairs and Painting

Extremely waterlogged wood will become to rot, and even light water damage can destroy the wood in your home or commercial property. We offer full carpentry repairs and restoration. From trim to home structure, we are the best carpenters for water damage restoration in Pasadena, Texas. You can trust our trained professionals to take care of your home completely, even offering the best painting services to finish up the final touches of your home to return it to a livable and clean condition.

Carpet Cleaning
and Replacement

Your carpet is most likely soaked and extremely close to needing to be replaced. However, our full assessments of your home water damage will allow us to see if it’s possible to clean your carpet and keep it dry, or if a full replacement is needed. Although this may not be what you anticipated, it is important to remove any part of your home including the carpet if it is unable to be restored or cleaned properly. The risk of having mold in your home is not worth keeping your carpet, so carpet replacement may be your best or only option. Don’t worry, replacement ends up being a lot more affordable than trying to clean a carpet that is fully a referral and in need of removal.

Plumbing, Electricity, and Gas Lines

It is very important to take care of your homework commercial plumbing, electrical wiring, and any gas lines. In fact the first thing you should do when experiencing sudden water damage, is to disconnect all of your utilities to protect your property. All of these wires, pipes, and the appliances themselves can cause extreme damage or danger when combined with excessive water. Our licensed plumbers, electricians, and gas experts in Pasadena can fully restore your property and make sure that everything is in working order. Our number one priority is safety, followed by making sure your project is affordable and completed in a timely manner.

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