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Water Damage Restoration
in Richmond, TX

We are your local water damage restoration company! We will come to your Richmond home to take care of any and all water damage. We can fully restore your carpet, flooring, walls, ceilings, and more! Our company handles everything from plumbing, gas, and electrical work to carpet cleaning or replacement, painting, and all home remodeling work. Aura professional water damage restoration experts are all equipped to come to your home to perform free estimates. Let us take care of you for any required or recommended services to fully restore and revitalize your home after water damage problems, big or small!

Free Estimates for Water Damage Restoration Richmond

We provide comprehensive free estimates for all water damage restoration and clean up services. Aura will have your home clean, comfortable, odorless, and beautiful in no time at all! Just give us a call and we’ll come out soon to perform inspections and have our consultation with you. 

1) Call Aura to ask any questions or schedule your appointment.

2) Full inspection and free estimate consultation when you’re available

3) Benefit from all of our water damage restoration services

Flood water damage restoration
water damage restoration

How to Restore Your Home From Water Damage

1) Assess the damage

It is important to fully identify the source of the water as well as all affected areas of the home, appliances, and utilities such as your electrical wiring, plumbing, gas lines, and more.

2) Create a Restoration Plan

Consult with a certified water damage remediation expert on the best ways to fully restore your Richmond home after excessive water damage. 

3) Water Clean-Up and Pumping

Remove all of the water from the home using water pumps and other equipment or methods to drain the water from the interior of the property.

4) Home Safety

Make sure all appliances, electrical, gas, and other somewhat fragile parts of your home are taken care of by expert tradesman. Additionally, replacements or repairs may be needed to ensure your home is safe, stable, and in livable condition.

5) HVAC Cleaning

Properly clean the home air conditioning components or heating system, as well as all associated ventilation. This will prevent water damage from affecting the air ducts with mold or other mildew.

6) Home Restoration & Remodeling

Richmond Water Damage Restoration

Fully restore the home, making sure everything is either cleaned or replaced. Take care of the carpet, flooring, walls, ceiling, and all other aspects such as painting, trim, or any affected component. 

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